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There are so many beauty products available now that just walking up to a beauty counter can become confusing and overwhelming, with serums, creams, powders, and liquids for every aspect of your face, where do you even start? 

When it comes to what make-up to wear there are many variables from your skin type and skin tone, through to the occasion you are wearing it for. You might choose make-up to match your outfit or make-up that looks completely natural. 

But whatever the reason for wearing it, there are some basic rules to follow and you will need some basic products in your make-up bag no matter if it’s for day-to-day wear or for a glamorous night out, so let’s take a look.



Not everyone bothers with a primer but if you want your make-up to last a long time, perhaps for a party or attending a wedding, it can make the perfect base for your flawless foundation to then lie on. 

Primer can help to reduce oil and make your skin smoother so that foundation sits better against your skin so if you’ve had trouble in the past with foundation sliding off, or if you can’t touch up your make-up during the day then try using a primer first. 

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When picking your foundation you need to know and understand your skin type and it’s a good idea to talk to a beauty specialist when choosing it for the first time. There are foundations out there for all skin types and colors. 

Some stores will match the color for you and give advice so seek help if you want to avoid choosing one that doesn’t suit you. If you have oily skin you don’t want an oily-rich foundation on top of it so you need to choose carefully. 

When it comes to applying your foundation you will need some make-up sponges or brushes, whichever you find easier to use. Don’t be tempted to apply it with your fingers, you need a light touch and dab it on.



If you suffer from problem areas on your skin such as break-outs, spots, or bags under the eyes then you will need to invest in some concealer. Again, it needs to match with your skin tone and work together with your foundation. 

Don’t use too much product or you will see the concealer settling into the fine lines on your face and drawing attention to the area you are trying to conceal instead. You also don’t want the area to stand out against your foundation.



A highlighter is a shimmery product that adds light to your face and they come in powder or cream form so choose the one you find easiest to work with. They are perfect for highlighting cheekbones and brow bones so your face just catches the light and the eye. 

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Eye Make-Up

For a daily eye shadow go for natural shades such as peach or pink which are light and can accentuate your eyes without standing out or looking too made up. You will also need to choose an eyeliner that works with your eye color

Black may be tempting but it can be aging and too harsh on some skin tones so don’t be afraid to try softer colors such as navy, grey or brown when it comes to both eyeliner pencils and mascara. Mascara is the third element you will need in your eye make-up toolkit. 

For daily use go for dark brown or dark grey for a softer look but you can’t beat dramatic black eyelashes for a night on the town. Keep mascara brushes clean and never share them with anyone else for fear of infection.


Lip Make-Up

There are several items you want to have in your lip make-up arsenal including lip liner pencils, lipsticks, and lip gloss in a variety of colors. Lip pencils are perfect for creating a flawless shape and can be used on their own or with lipstick. 

There are many types and colors of lipstick so try neutral shades that are close to your own lip color to start with until you get braver, and then you can experiment. You might try neutral during the day but brighter shades for a night out. 

A lip gloss will add sheen with some color to your lips but not as strong as lipstick and this is the product that will need the most re-applying as it’s not designed to stay on the lips for any great length of time.

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What make-up to wear is a question without a straight answer because there are so many variables but with the basics sorted out you can have fun as you choose the right products that suit and enhance your own skin tone and style. 


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