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Best Primer for Dry Skin

Best Budget
Maybelline Master Prime Primer Base

Top Pick
e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer

Best Value

Written by Sarah Jones
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Imagine sending hours to get perfect makeup, and after a while, the makeup starts vanishing during the event. If you don’t want to go through such circumstances, then you must choose a suitable primer. Primer is a great way to make the makeup last longer on your face.

But not all the primers are worth using due to which females have to struggle a lot to get the best primer. However, to make this struggle process effortless, we have reviewed the six best primers that will deliver the desired results.

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  • 1

    E.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer for Dry Skin

E.l.f. knows its user needs and that is the reason it only produces top-quality makeup products. This Hydrating Face Primer provides a great base for makeup.

The prime goal of this primer is to make the makeup to stay longer so that you don’t have to reapply the makeup. It makes your face flawless and smooth for an extended duration.

The E.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer appears in a small 0.47 oz bottle, which allows you to apply the primer with ease. The lid is quite easy to press and will let you access the liquid primer with a gentle touch.

It also works quite effectively for minimizing the pores. However, this product is rich in vitamins and includes healthy ingredients for your skin. It uses the mixture of Vitamins A, E, C as well as grapes to make your complexion better.

Furthermore, e.l.f. the product will keep your skin hydrated so that you can feel the real freshness. It will remove the imperfection from the face and help you bring out your real beauty.

Also, it is safe from all the items that can be dangerous for your skin. The no use of phthalates, parabens, and hydroquinone in the E.l.f. Primer makes it a secure makeup product to try.

It also does not hold any triclosan, triclocarban and ethoxylates, which can also have an adverse impact on the skin. As it offers more hydration so using it only dry skin will give quality results.

It is among the best drugstore primers to earn an ideal canvas. However, make sure to use it before any other makeup application to get better performance.


Vitamin infused

Flawless base

Easy to carry




May give a smelly experience

  • 2

    NYX Professional Makeup Hydra Touch Oil Primer

If you are tired of the chalky feel on your face that most of the primers give, then you must prefer the NYX Professional Makeup Primer.

This primer will remove the dullness factor and make the skin to glow more. The 0.67 oz fluid bottle of this product is comfortable to carry so you can take it with you to use it whenever and wherever you require.

Also, keeping it on your face will not contribute any super-heavy feeling. It gives a lightweight coverage which renders a more confident appearance.

The NYX Professional Primer provides a premium treatment to the dry skin by adding extra hydrating to it. The infusion of jojoba oils and rice grants a dewy finish.

This primer will play a supportive role for makeup by expanding its longevity. It works as a great foundation with the makeup to give you a complete look.

Moreover, if you are dealing with the color-correction issues, then you might be missing the NYX Professional Makeup Primer. Adding this product will improve your skin color and coverage.

The skin-loving ingredients used in the preparation of this product deliver a luxurious texture and glides. It provides a dewy canvas that seems impressive.

The NYX Professional Makeup eliminates the wrinkles and other imperfections from your face that will support you to attain a dream look. Whether you hold sensitive or dry skin, you can use this primer.

The long-wearing character of this primer helps the makeup to stay longer without blurring the effect. Also, a few drops of this product will help you accomplish the desired skin results.


Comfortable to apply

Blurs imperfections

Minimizes pores





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    Maybelline Master Prime Primer Base

Now you can give a smooth and flawless touch to your face at a much lower cost because of the Maybelline Master Prime Primer Base.

This primer base guarantees to keep the skin hydrated for up to 24 hours without demanding the need to reapply. The Maybelline Master product arrives in five unique varieties of primers that are designed for specific purposes.

It is a natural formula to give the required moisture to your skin in a few seconds. It delivers a smooth skin texture and adds extra charm to your skin.

The Maybelline Master balances the skin tones and helps to deal with the pimples. Also, if you usually notice the redness issue on your skin, then Maybelline Master Prime Base will help you to minimize it.

This must-have primer is a straightforward approach for color-correcting. Moreover, it will blur all the skin concerns within no time. Not only this, but you can also wear the Maybelline Master Base alone without applying the makeup.

It gives a weightless experience so that keeping it for the whole day on your skin becomes easier for you. Another good thing about this water-based formula is that it does not give a greasy feel.

It delivers full, medium and sheer coverage according to your wish. You can also use the concealers, contour, and highlighter with this face primer to look perfect.

If you have an oily surface, then you should apply the Maybelline Master on your face because it will accommodate you in controlling the oil, which will result in reducing the pores.


Eliminate skin imperfections

Flawless formula

Moisturize skin

Reduce pores

Control oil


Not for everyone

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    NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Primer

Whether we talk about eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, primers or any other makeup accessories, NYX Professional Makeup is among the top names that you will listen to because of its quality products.

Honey Dew Primer is another top-class primer for dry skin by the NYX Professional Makeup brand. It is quite essential for skin that requires healthy nourishment.

You will gain a glamorous glow after applying a few drops of Honey Dew Primer on your skin. It increases the softness and moisturizer of skin.

Apart from helping your skin to glow, the Honey Dew product will further neutralize redness and give a clear complexion. With the use of hyaluronic acid, this product delivers a luminous look.

Not only redness, but you can also minimize the ageing concern with the user of this primer. Also, the honey used in this product contributes to a natural antiseptic characteristic.

Keep it in mind that the NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Primer is only for dry skin so if you have oily skin then do not go for this product. Applying this on oily skin may cause allergy and other skin issues.

It will support you to overcome skin flaws such as wrinkles and pores. It minimizes the visibility of the pores and pimples will make the skin clear.

Besides this, the Honey Dew product refines the skin texture, which produces a youthful appearance. Also, it will make your complexion ready to add the makeup application. You can use it both as a base for makeup or alone.


Beautiful appearance

Brightens your skin

Hydrates the skin


Easy to use


Not suitable for oily skin

  • 5

    COVERGIRL truBlend Primer for Dry Skin

COVERGIRL truBlend primer is specially designed for females with dry skin. It gives a moonlit glow and a smooth silk skin. It provides flawless coverage and a loving face within a moment.

The COVERGIRL truBlend improves the skin radiance and makes you enjoy a better complexion. After using it, you will not have to see the same dullness on your face. It removes the dryness by adding a refreshing look.

Most females complain that the makeup usually adds the clog pores, but with the COVERGIRL primer, you will not have to face any such problem.

Also, if your makeup gets removed from your face after a short time, then you can use this COVERGIRL truBlend as a base to increase the makeup wearing-time. It blurs all the blemishes from the face and helps in looking more beautiful.

However, you only need to take a few drops of COVERGIRL truBlend Primer to earn full coverage. It provides a suitable base to improve your complexion.

With no use of any adverse ingredients, the COVERGIRL truBlend appears in the market. This drugstore primer attaches an elegant layer over your skin which seems entirely original.

Furthermore, it will nourish your skin surface and keep it moisturized for an entire day. Also, you can use it as a foundation on your skin to get some additional skincare benefits.


Suitable for sensitive skin

Smooth experience

Will not clog pores

Blends perfectly

Flawless skin



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    NYX Professional Makeup Primer Face

The last product in the best primer for dry skin is the NYX Professional Makeup Primer. This product is full of nutrients to support your skin to earn better, enthusiastic results.

Without any doubt, it will promote the moisturizing effect on your skin to secure a better glow. It softens the skin and gives flawless coverage.

For the manufacturing of this face primer, the NYX Professional Makeup has used all the healthy ingredients such as chamomile, tremella mushroom, ginseng and a few others.

To level up the softness of your skin this product also uses the Centella extract. This primer will help you to get out of the color-correction problem. It will balance the hue of your skin and give you a natural occurrence.

However, on using this primer, you will get a slight pleasant smell. The smell will be polite, but if you don’t want any fragrance, then you can avoid this product; otherwise, it’s going to be a great pick.

Besides this, if you compare the cost of this Hydra Touch Primer with other primers, then the pricing of this primer is a bit higher, but its results are also substantial.

Also, applying or removing the NYX Professional Makeup Primer Face will not be an issue for you. In addition, with the use of this primer, you will not need to apply any foundation. The NYX Professional Makeup Primer Face is safe and high performing.


Deliver a beautiful glow


Blends well


Easy to use


Price is greater as compared to other primers

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section includes some frequent questions about the best primer for dry skin

Does dry skin need a primer?

The primer works as an additional layer for your skin. It offers moisturizer to your dry skin so that you can add the desired makeup with ease to get more significant results. You can also use the primer on your face solely with no other makeup accessory, or you can apply it as a base with the makeup.

What is a hydrating primer for?

The hydrating primer is used to keep your skin hydrated for a longer period. Primers usually carry ingredients that help the skin to get a moisturizing experience throughout the day. It gives extra smoothness and aids you enjoy the flawless makeup.

What is the best makeup primer for dry skin with rosacea?

NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Primer, e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer and Maybelline Master Prime Primer Base are some of the best makeup primers for dry skin with rosacea. Adding any of the mentioned primers on your face will result in lessening the redness.


In case you are searching for the best primer for dry skin, then the top three primers that we would recommend you to choose are the e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer, Maybelline Master Prime Primer Base and NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Primer. However, all the reviewed primers are only for females with dry skin. In case you own a combination skin or oily skin, then check that the product that you are going to choose is suitable for your skin or not.