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Best Purple Shampoo

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L'Oréal Paris Hair Care EverPure

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Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by Bold Uniq

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Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG

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Purple shampoo is an exceptional way to keep your blonde hair healthy. It keeps the hair color to stay for longer. It let the blonde hair to maintain their shine to last prolonged.

People with blonde hair may have to face the brassiness problem after a short time. However, the purple shampoo also provides a great solution to the brassiness concern.

But knowing the best purple shampoo is hard because of the high saturation of the shampoos in the market. To help you here, we have reviewed some of the best purple shampoos to buy.

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  • 1

    Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Set

The 10.1 oz shampoo and conditioner set by Joico brand are all you need to make your blonde hair shine for long-lasting. On using it, you don’t have to worry about color fading.

It helps to remove the brassy and yellow tones on the hair and return the original hair hue. The multi-spectrum defense property of this product will not let the hair to lose vibrancy.

It also uses hair-identical keratin that further supports better hair strength. The Joico Set is a color-care formula that does not let the hair breakage to appear after applying shades on the hair.

It removes the breakage concern, with the help of protective ingredients present in it. Besides this, it also has a few marine ingredients that add moisture to the hair.

Further, it adds more visual hue to the hair and makes you like your hair more. Both men and women can use the Joico Shampoo and Conditioner Set.

However, an issue that few people may have on using the Joico Set is that it may give rise to the dryness. Overall, the effect of this hair care product is much softer.


Eliminates brassy

Stop fading



Cause dryness

  • 2

    Milk Shake Silver Shampoo

Milk Shake Silver Shampoo is the need for all the blonde hair. It makes the hair strands stronger. 10.1 Fl oz and 33.8 fl oz are the two-volume that Milk Shake shampoo allows to select.

This product helps to add an even tone on the damp hair. The shampoo works perfectly for purple pigment and deals with the unnecessary tone. It adds vibrancy and shines to the hair hue in no time.

This shampoo has a mix-up of different berries including strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. These organic ingredients work together to produce a suitable formula for colored-hair.

It also has milk protein in it that strengthens the hair structure over time. The Milk Shake Silver Shampoo aims to increase the hair volume and protect it from the hair damage without harming the hue.

You can also enhance the elasticity of your blonde hair with the help of this product. On applying it, you will get an irresistible smell of milk.

As the Milk Shake Shampoo does not present an unscented solution, so dealing with the smell is the only option. But the fragrance is great.

However, do not use the shampoo more frequently, because in that case, you may start noticing an undesired yellow tone on your hair. Using it moderately will result in a perfect outcome.


Natural ingredients

Make hair stronger

Easy to apply


Have smell

  • 3

    Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by Bold Uniq

Bold Uniq Shampoo is a tone-correcting formula that evenly distributes the shades on the hair. It gives a cool and fresh look to the hair after every use.

It is an ultra-pigmented solution that works perfectly for light hair. Thanks to the violet-tinted formula that makes it perfect for a sliver, white and blonde hair.

It enhances the bringer tone of the hair without adding any harm. Some people with blonde hair have to face the yellow shade on their hair because of pollutants, but with Bold Uniq, Shampoo will help you to overcome such a problem.

The addition of pro-vitamin B5 revives the hair glow. It will further enable to soften the stands. Moreover, the Bold Uniq Shampoo is sulfate-free and paraben-free.

Most of the purple shampoos give birth to the dryness of hair, but with the Bold Uniq, the dryness concern does not appear. It cleans and moisturizes the blonde hair within a few minutes.

This shampoo creates a protective layer on the hair to make it safe from any damage. It neutralizes brassiness, and it’s much easier to apply. The product gives a perfect at-home hair care treatment. However, the Bold Uniq Shampoo is not for all types of hair.


Neutralizes brassiness

No harmful chemicals

Innovative UV filters



  • 4

    Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG

Whether you have hair dullness or brassiness, you can try the GBG Purple Shampoo to deal with it. This purple toning shampoo instantly removes the yellow shade.

It uses a high performing toning formula that gives a salon-like result. On using the GBG Shampoo, you will earn noticeable hair glow and brightness.

It further protects the hair hue from the UV rays and makes it stay longer. This solution offers an easy solution to breakage, damage and split-ends. With a few uses of GBG Shampoo, you will be able to neutralize the hair tone and brassy effect.

The best thing about GBG Shampoo product is that it’s a fast-acting formula that presents a gorgeous outcome within minutes. Because of the GBG Shampoo, you don’t require visiting the salon for your hair treatment because it provides an in-home treatment.

Further, the proteins in it make a hydrating solution that lets the hair look luxuriously. This shampoo has gone through many tests to meet the quality. It is also safe for colored treated hair.

It grants reliable and effective hair care treatment. Apart from this, the GBG Shampoo does not have silicone in it, but it does carry a sweet fragrance. The ingredients in it are hair strengthening and much useful for optimal hair growth.


Strand repairing formula

Pleasant fragrance




  • 5

    L'Oréal Paris Hair Care EverPure Shampoo

If you want to get a fresher hair tone on your blonde hair, then you must pick the L’Oréal Paris Shampoo. This product will make you feel a lot better after using it every time.

It’s a cruelty-free and sulfate-free purple shampoo. The salicylic acid in it removes the brassy yellow effect from the hair. Even if you have orange tones in hair, still you can use the L’Oréal Paris shampoo to remove it.

Whether you have sliver, brown, blonde or bleached hair, you can try this purple shampoo with no issue. It uses purple dye and hibiscus to make your hair deeply hydrated. Unlike a few other purple shampoos, there is no use of harsh salts in the L’Oréal Paris Shampoo.

It’s a gluten-free shampoo that you can utilize with your regular shampoo with no worry. Thanks to the cleansing agents added in this product that cleans the hair and makes them stronger.


Provide protection to hair colour


Low cost


Strong scent

  • 6

    Matrix Total Results So Silver Color Shampoo

Some of the people might not be familiar with the Matrix Shampoo because it’s less popular as compared to other brands. Matrix Shampoo helps to tame coarseness and add shine to the hair.

You will earn a single pack of 33.8 oz of fluid volume in the Matrix bottle, which will be enough for months. It uses neutralizing pigments to make the gold and yellow hue of your blonde hair balanced.

The Matrix Shampoo is a tremendous colour-balancing formula that is suitable for grey, platinum and blonde hair. Also, it makes dealing with the dullness and uneven tone of the hair much easier.

The Matrix Shampoo highlights brightness to the colour-treated hair. Apart from hair brightness, another benefit of using the Matrix product is that it makes hair grow quicker and stronger.

It protects the hair and helps in repairing the damaged hair in a brief period. However, some people don’t like the smell caused by the Matrix Shampoo, but overall the product is exceptional.


Remove dullness

Greater quantity

Neutralizes hair



  • 7

    L'Oréal Paris Shampoo & Conditioner Kit

In case you want a kit for your blonde hair then you can buy this product as it offers both conditioner and shampoo that are suitable for blonde hair.

The 8.5 Fl oz bottle of L’Oréal Paris Shampoo & Conditioner is much cheaper as compared to other kits. Even though the L’Oréal Paris product is lower in cost, its result is of top-quality.

This anti-brassiness solution neutralizes the hair with the use of natural ingredients. It is dye-free and does not have any gluten or harmful ingredients in it.

This L’Oréal Paris kit uses an iris botanicals ingredient to add shine to the hair. Further, it works as a protector for hair color and lets it last longer.

You can also apply both the conditioner and shampoo on platinum or grey hair. Another good news for color-treated hair is that this product is 100 percent free from the sulfate.


Remove hair dullness

Add more shine




  • 8

    PURA D'OR Purple Shampoo & Conditioner Biotin Set

PURA D’OR presents another best purple shampoo that is worth trying. Whether you want a purple shampoo or conditioner for blonde hair, you can get both with the PURA D’OR product.

Each bottle has a 16oz of fluid volume in it and is easily applicable. This product will help to revitalize the damaged hair. It targets the hair strands and makes it more durable.

This purple solution also gives the same result to the bleached hair. You will also access nutrients and vitamins via the PURA D’OR product. It provides an ultra-hydrating treatment to the dry scalp and results in more hair shine.

Using the PURA D’OR product will result in thicker, and shimmer hair. Also, this purple shampoo has a keratin ingredient in it. It does not have any adverse impact on the hair.



Natural ingredients

Protect hair



Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the FAQ section for the best purple shampoo.

What is purple shampoo good for?

Purple shampoo is a great product to deal with brassy hair. This product will support you in bringing back the hair shade in a short time. It also contributes a cool and fresh tone.

However, to neutralize the brassy effect, this product uses a purple pigment. Apart from brassy hair, it’s a great way to overcome the undesired yellow tone from the hair. Keep it in mind that purple shampoo is not for all hair types.

Before applying the purple shampoo on your hair, you should first know its compatibility to make the purple shampoo work better for you. Overall, it’s a great solution for colored hair.

How often should I use purple shampoo?

As the purple shampoo is quite different from the regular shampoo, so you cannot use it regularly like the regular shampoo.

However, it is recommended that you should use purple shampoo twice or once a week. Using the purple shampoo too much may harm the blonde hair. Overusing may diminish so you should use it moderately to get the best hair shade without damaging.

Before accepting the purple shampoo, you must also check its ingredients because a very few products have ingredients that can damage the natural hair strength.

As the purple shampoo is quite different from the regular shampoo, so you cannot use it regularly like the regular shampoo.

However, it is recommended that you should use purple shampoo twice or once a week. Using the purple shampoo too much may harm the blonde hair. Overusing may diminish so you should use it moderately to get the best hair shade without damaging.

Before accepting the purple shampoo, you must also check its ingredients because a very few products have ingredients that can damage the natural hair strength.

What does purple shampoo do to brown hair?

Using the purple shampoo on the brown hair will make the hue brighter. However, some people may experience a little orange shade on their brown hair after applying the purple shampoo. It also presents a cooler and more fresher-look by neutralizing the brassy tone.


Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by Bold Uniq is the best purple shampoo that you should try. However, the cost of Bold Uniq Shampoo is a bit higher in contrast to other mentioned purple shampoos. If you want an affordable purple shampoo, then you can also choose L'Oréal Paris Hair Care EverPure Sulfate-Free Shampoo. Apart from this, the Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG is also high in demand because of higher performance on blonde hair.