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Best Airbrush Makeup Kit

Best Budget
LATITOP Upgraded Auto Cordless Airbrush Kit

Top Pick
Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup

Best Value
COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit

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Airbrush makeup kit has gained much popularity in the past few years because of higher performance and its easy-to-use character.

The best thing about an airbrush makeup kit is that it prevents you from the hurdle of using brushes, sponge and fingers to mix the makeup on your face perfectly.

Not only this, but its long wear and lightweight are some other reasons to choose the airbrush makeup. Due to the growth in demand, all the top-quality brands have started launching some of the best airbrush makeup kits in the makeup industry.

Because of the large options available, people are usually unable to identify the best airbrush makeup kit. So to help such people, we have reviewed the five best airbrush makeup kits that you should try.

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    Latitiop Upgraded Auto Cordless Airbrush Makeup Kit

Latitiop Airbrush Makeup Kit guarantees to give flawless and moisturizer skin. It appears in two beautiful colours such as red and black. It includes a mini air compressor that will help you in maintaining the air volume.

You can also control the quantity of paint through it. Pressing the power button and trigger will support you in spraying the paint. This double-action airbrush gives a professional makeup session with ease.

It introduces a 1/8 female thread connector which is compatible with many other male thread airbrushes, unlike most other products.

However, if you are not noticing any air-fluid spray even after pressing the button, then you should adjust the tail screw and later try again. The Latitiop upgraded product appears with a 0.4mm spray nozzle, which makes the paint appear out with ease.

The nozzle controls the high viscosity of the paint so that you can handle it with comfort. It does not block the flow of spray, which makes it easy-to-use.

The Latitiop Airbrush Makeup Kit takes assistance from the pressure boost technology to give an upper hand performance. It boosts the atomization function to make you earn better skincare results.

As it is a cordless airbrush kit and holds a battery, so you don’t need to keep it plugged in the socket to keep on operating it. Through each fully charged battery of this airbrush makeup kit, you can use it for up to an hour without any interruption.

Its battery timing is average, which will be fine for most people. Makeup is not the only activity that you can perform using the Latitiop device. This airbrush can also be utilized in a cake decorating, nail designing, and tattoos making process.

However, while making the tattoos on your body using this device, you should take some professional assistance because lack of knowledge might result in a bad experience.


Single-button to manage air & liquid

Better atomization functionality

Upgraded nozzle




Battery timing is less

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    Airbrush Makeup Machine Kit with Spray Gun Air Compressor by Pinkiou

Now getting a highly professional makeup even at home will become easier for every woman because of the Airbrush Makeup Machine Kit. This kit includes all the essential stuff that a beauty lover should own.

In terms of colours option, the Airbrush Makeup allows you to acquire black, red and white hues. Due to the handy design and lightweight character, you can keep it for home use as well as for travelling.

The high-pressure technology used in this product delivers a fine mist using which you can effortlessly deal with blemishes, fine lines and pores. It is also a great way to hide your black spots and dark circles below the eyes to enjoy a more natural look.

It has a spray gun air compressor with a broad 0.4mm nozzle through which you can control the flow of paint. It will help you to have a fresh skin by allowing the skin to absorb all the vital nutrition.

Apart from enabling you to do eye-catching makeup, Airbrush Makeup spray gun can also be used by craftsmen and artists. You can use it for baking cake decoration, painting, for body tattoos and a few additional purposes.

With each pack of Airbrush Makeup Machine Kit you purchase, you will earn a single airbrush spray gun along with the spray bottle. It provides a mini air compression, an air hose and a power adaptor to power up the device.


Also, suitable for cake decoration & body tattoos

Quiet operation

Easy fluid refills



Do not include an instruction guide

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    Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup

No matter whether you are in search of an airbrush makeup kit, for your home usage or professional work, you can prefer the Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit.

Unlike most other kits, the Art of Air makeup set has a lot to offer for its customers. With each pack, you will obtain six pieces of foundation set. Some of the shades that you will earn through the foundation sets are Moca, golden, olive, suntan Glo, honey and buff beige.

This set holds shades for fair to medium skin tone. Apart from this, you will put your hands on four different primers on purchasing the Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit.

It offers shimmer, bronzer, anti-ageing and bush primer that you can add to your face to get a long-lasting effect. The Art of Air will provide you with a complete compressor system for beautiful skin.

The compressor system is easy to control and delivers quiet operation. It allows you to adjust the airflow as per your need. You will notice an airbrush hose and a holder for additional controls.

To help you to carry the makeup set while travelling, the Art of Air brand has also added a carrying bad with this product. Additionally, the tropical bronzer present in the makeup kit will support you to deal with excessive sunlight.

It works as an enhancer for cheeks, eyes and makes you seem charming. The Art of Air Makeup further introduces a pink papaya blush that will aid you in brightening your complexion.


Fragrance-free & silicone-free

A complete makeup package

Pressure adjustment feature

Super quiet functioning

Hides redness & acne



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    Gocheer Airbrush Kit Mini Double-Action Airbrush

Gocheer Airbrush Kit has made a great name in the market in a short time because of the top-quality performance. It is a double-action airbrush that will help you to experience more precise results.

Unlike some other airbrushes, the compact shape air compressor in the Gocheer product permits its users to control the paint quantity and air volume separately.

Also, the air compressor grants you the option to connect other airbrushes with the aid of the dual-action connector feature. The Gocheer Airbrush Kit works greatly whether you utilize it for personal use or professional use.

As compared to many other airbrushes, the pressure of the Gocheer Airbrush Kit is 50% times greater, which gives effective and quick outcomes. The pressure of this kit can range from 20psi to 27psi that boost the accuracy, which is another thing to consider in this product.

Thanks to the auto airbrush that does not hold any switch for it operating which makes it a beginner-friendly product. To start working, you only have to press the trigger.

Because of the automatic behavior, the Gocheer Airbrush Kit will handle the pump automatically, so you don’t need to put any manual effort into it.

Besides this, Gocheer the airbrush makeup, arrive with a USB charging cable for easy charging.A fully charged battery of this product will support you to use it constantly for up to one to two hours without stopping.

As it’s a sleek shaped airbrush and does not have any cable with it so you can even carry it in your pocket. It includes a liquid cup that has the ability to store more liquid in contrast to other airbrushes.


Adjustable spray volume

Support USB charging

More accurate results

Reasonable pricing

Higher pressure


Might not work properly for large areas

  • 5

    COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Makeup Kit

If you are searching for a portable airbrush that you can comfortably carry with you during travelling, then you must prefer the COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush.

It is a lightweight single-action airbrush that arrives with a mini-screwdriver. You can use this device even without any air hose. It offers a steady airflow but to stop the airflow you will require attaching it with a dual-action airbrush.

Due to the compact and sleek shape, you can easily keep it in your backpack or pocket. The sophisticated spray gun included in this product is quite suitable for beginners.

As it is a multifunction airbrush so you can also practice it for handicrafts, cake decorating, nail, body paint and other art painting activities.

Because of the USB charging option, you will connect the charging cable with different power supplies like power banks etc. to charge it. One drawback of COSSCCI Handheld Makeup Kit is that it can only operate for 30 to 50 minutes in full charging.

If you need to use it for a longer period, then you will have to charge it again. The air pump has a curved design due to which it offers a better grip to hands. Also, the COSSCCI airbrush makeup kit is quite easy to operate.

Within a press of a button, spray material will start coming out of it to give you the desired result. Apart from this, if you are planning to connect a dual-action airbrush with this product, then you can also do it with the support of the dual-action airbrush connector that appears with it.

On buying the COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush, you will additionally earn a USB cable, instruction, nozzle wrench and a pipette. If you face any issue while operating the COSSCCI Airbrush, then you can take help from the instruction manual.


Include Dual-action Airbrush connector

Dual functioning

Easy charging

Sink button



Clogging issue

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about the best airbrush makeup kit, you must go through this FAQ portion.

What is the best airbrush makeup kit to buy?

Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup, LATITOP Upgraded Auto Cordless Airbrush Kit and COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit are the three best airbrush makeup kits that should try at least once to enjoy outstanding results.

What are the benefits of airbrush makeup?

The airbrush provides an easy way to do makeup. Because of the airbrush, you don’t require a sponge and brushes for makeup. Also, it gives a much better appearance and may last longer in contrast to the other methods of doing makeup.

Can you use any liquid foundation in an airbrush?

Yes, you can also use the liquid foundation in an airbrush. But make sure that the liquid foundation is thinner. However, because of the thick behavior of liquid foundation, you might struggle to use it with an airbrush so you should try to choose a thick liquid foundation for convenient usage.

Is airbrush makeup good for everyday use?

Yes, if it’s convenient for you, then you can use the airbrush makeup for everyday use. Most people only use the airbrush makeup for special events, usually in such cases where they want their makeup to stay for a longer period.

You can further take different work from the airbrush such as the work of tattoos making, art painting, handicrafts models and many others. However, to use this device for the liquid foundation, you will have to follow a few steps.

At first, you are required to set up the gun with an air pump and then fill the desired liquid foundation in the cup. Make sure that the foundation is in liquid form and thinned properly. Now you can apply the foundation using the airbrush.


Art of Air Professional Airbrush Cosmetic Makeup is our top pick from the best Airbrush Makeup Kit review. The cost of this airbrush is a bit higher, but it's reasonable. However, if you want an affordable airbrush with better features and performance, then you can either go for the COSSCCI Handheld Airbrush Kit or the LATITOP Upgraded Auto Cordless Airbrush Kit.