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Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Best Budget
Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination

Top Pick
Maybelline Fit Me Matte

Best Value
Clinique Even Better Makeup

Written by Sarah Jones
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A person with combination skin has to go through a lot of struggle. The combination skin will make you experience the oily as well as dryness effect on your skin surface.

Most of the foundations that arrive in the market are either for oily skin or for dry skin, which makes things much more complicated for people with combination skin.

Locating the best foundation that can work for both oily as well as dry surface is quite hard but don’t worry because we are here to make this task effortless for you. In this article, you will find the three best foundations for combination skin that you can put your cash on without any doubt.

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    Maybelline Fit Me Matte Foundation for Combination Skin

Maybelline New York knows the pain of people who have oily and dry skin simultaneously, and that is why the brand has appeared with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte.

The Maybelline Fit Me Matte is an excellent solution for combination skin. Most women are unable to locate a suitable foundation for their skin tone because of less hue, but with this product, you will not have any such issue because of the countless shades presented by Maybelline.

Whether you desire to own a light, medium or deep shade, this product will give you all the choices. You will get the vast options of shades with this foundation.

With over 40+ shades, this product is one of the fewest foundations that have colours for almost all the skin tones. Some of the finest hues that you will discover with the Maybelline product are Ivory, Fair Porcelain, Fair Ivory, Natural Ivory, Light Beige and Classic Ivory.

Apart from this, Maybelline Fit Me Matte also has a solution for people who want to experience the dark shades. Truffle, Nutmeg, Deep Golden, Deep Bronze, Java and Espresso are the classy shades for females with a dark skin tone.

Not only this, but with the combination skin foundation, you will get to know two types of sizing options, including a count glass bottle, and count pouch. This foundation will make you earn a natural-looking appearance.

Even after applying it on your skin, people wouldn’t be able to recognize it because of the realistic effect. It will perfectly fit your skin tone and enhance your beauty. Apart from combination skin, you can also use it even if you only have oily skin or dry skin.

The poreless liquid foundation will refine all the pores and award you a flawless look. Most other combination foundation gives a fake appearance to face skin, which doesn’t suit many females.

But the Maybelline Fit Me Matte will make you look real, which is another reason to choose this combination skin foundation. However, this Maybelline New York foundation is quite easy to remove from the skin.

To extract it from your skin, you should apply the micellar water, which will support you to eliminate it flawlessly. You will also appreciate the non-comedogenic feature of this best foundation for combination skin.

It will reduce the blockage of visible pores, which will further beautify your skin. As it is a dermatologist-tested so you can apply it on your skin without any worry. It will have no harm to your skin or health.

This Beauty blender will be quite visible on the skin for more than ten hours that is a substantial lasting period. Its lightweight character will allow the natural air to touch your original skin that is good for your skin health.

As it is an oil-free foundation, it will be an excellent option for locations, which have greater humidity. The best thing about Maybelline Fit Me Matte is that it does not cause any mess like some other combination skin foundations.


Suitable for both oily and dry skin

Lightweight & affordable

A vast range of shades

Flawless face



Can cause stain on clothes

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    Clinique Even Better Makeup Liquid Foundation for Combination Skin

Clinique Even Better does not give a lot of sizing and shades option but it’s an excellent choice for people with the combination skin. With this product, you can either access the Beige or Ivory shade which makes it difficult for females to find the shade that matches their skin tone.

But if you discover the hue that suits your skin tone, then without any doubt you can put your cash on the Clinique Even Better Makeup Foundation. On investing in the Clinique Even Better product, you will acquire a 1 oz of a bottle.

Because of the oil-free feature, this foundation does not carry any kind of oil in it, which makes it a safer product for most of the skin surfaces. Foundations that have oil in it can usually increase the acne on some people’s skin so you should try to avoid those products.

Clinique Even gives a great approach to balance an uneven skin tone. This liquid foundation permits you to hide all the pores, ache and dark circles from your skin.

As it is a long-wearing foundation, you don’t have to apply it again and again on your skin because using it only a single time will keep it to stay for a longer period. Whether you wish to have a moderate or full coverage, this foundation will provide both.

It will work against the discolorations on your skin and remove it temporarily from your skin on utilizing it. Besides this, the Clinique Even Better Makeup will keep your skin safer from the UV rays, which will prevent your skin from getting duller.

It is a great foundation to keep on your face during the time when you appear in the sunlight. The naturally beautiful complexion will add extra charm to your personality.

Also, if you have to ageing signs on your skin, then you can also apply it because it helps in hiding those ageing issues. By lessening the ageing spots from your skin, it will help you to seem younger.

Aside from this, most females complain about the heavyweight of foundations for combination skin. Such weighted foundations do not let the skin to breathe freely, and you might want to get rid of it from your skin after a few minutes.

But Clinique Even Better Makeup foundation, you will not have to deal with such concern. On keeping this liquid foundation for combination skin on your face, you will feel any increase in weight.

It does not add any extra weight to your skin, which is another reason that we have added it in the list of the best foundation for combination skin. This Beauty blender will add a glowing to your skin without having any adverse effect on it.

However, one issue that you might have with the Liquid Foundation for Clinique Even foundation is due to the cost. It costs a bit higher as compared to other foundations, but the benefits are also greater.


Naturally beautiful complexion

Minimize visible age spots

Suitable for all skin types





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    Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination Skin

The last foundation for combination skin that I would like to introduce to you is the Revlon ColorStay Makeup. Over a short time, Revlon ColorStay Makeup has gained a considerable reputation because of numerous shades and its outclass results.

With over 40+ shades, the Revlon ColorStay will help you in finding the best suitable hue for your skin color. Because of the huge choice provided by Revlon ColorStay Makeup, it is guaranteed that you will earn the desired color through it.

It is a liquid foundation that arrives in a bottle. With the gentle touch, the lid over the foundation bottle will push out the required quantity of foundation, which makes it easy and mess-free.

Moreover, it will assist you in controlling the oil absorption and give you a shiny appearance. This matte finish will contribute to you a smooth and faultless look. Apart from this, the Revlon ColorStay Makeup foundation has a lot of other things to offer to you.

It gives an oil-free experience, which will minimize the melting of the foundation from your face during the hot summer. Also, the layer of this foundation works as a protection layer against the sunlight, which will prevent your skin from earning the dull effect.

It will offer you medium-to-full coverage. The wearing time of Revlon ColorStay Makeup is extraordinary. It will stay on your face surface for around 24 hours.

You might not be able to find that much better wearing limit even in the top-quality foundations. The best part is that even after keeping it for a full day on your skin, you will not feel any discomfort, and that is the reason we are suggesting this masterpiece.

Whether you have a deep, medium or light skin tone, you will find the accurate shade for your skin via this product. Not only this, but you can also manage your skin shine with the assistance of this foundation.

Most females start feeling skin irritation after keeping the foundation for a longer duration on their face, but with the Revlon ColorStay Makeup, you will not go through such a problem.

However, the Revlon brand has used the salicylic acid formula in this product to make you attain the best result. If you have acne or visible pores on your face, then you can also prefer the Revlon ColorStay foundation, because it will serve you in dealing with both the acne as well as pores.


Offer numerous shade choices

No harm to skin

Easy to apply




The bottle can be defective

Frequently Asked Questions

To clear all your doubts about the best foundation for combination skin, you should read this FAQ section.

Is powder or liquid foundation better for combination skin?

Not all the powder and liquid foundations are good for combination skin. Some of the powder foundations might work for your skin while some may not, and that is the same case with the liquid foundation.

However, some brands release special foundations in the powder as well as a liquid form that can work for combination skin so you should always go for such products.

Before investing in any of the foundations, you first need to learn your skin type and then only pick those products that are compatible with your skin type.

What is a good full coverage foundation for combination skin?

All the foundations mentioned in this review article are of top quality that will offer full coverage. You can either choose Maybelline Fit Me Matte, Clinique Even Better Makeup or Revlon ColorStay Makeup foundation as per your wish.

But before choosing any of the foundations, make sure that they support your skin tone because if you go for a shade that doesn’t match the skin tone then rather improving your skin clarity, it will make you look bad.

What makeup is good for combination skin?

Clinique Even Better Makeup, Revlon ColorStay Makeup and Maybelline Fit Me Matte is going to be a great pick for your combination skin. Not only combination skin, but some of these products also work for people that only have a single skin type.

How to apply foundation for combination skin?

You need to add the foundation on every portion of your face using a brush or sponge. Make sure to cover your forehead, nose, chin and all other parts of your face. You can also use your figure to add it correctly on the skin surface.


Clinique Even Better Makeup, Revlon ColorStay Makeup and Maybelline Fit Me Matte are the three best options that people with combination skin can try. If you are planning to try out the Clinique Even Better Makeup, then the first thing that you must look at is whether it gives the shades that suit your skin or it because it gives quite a fewer shades choices. But in case you want to choose Revlon ColorStay Makeup or Maybelline Fit Me Matte, then you will surely locate the desired shades for your skin.