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How we do our make-up needs to change as we get older, after all, our skin and hair change over time so how we look after them and treat them should as well. The colors which suited us when younger can look harsh and unattractive as we get older. 

But the good news is make-up can also work for you. Used correctly there are many make-up tricks and tips that can actually help you turn the clock back and bring your youthful spirit to the forefront again. 

Here are some key tips to help keep yourself looking young with make-up:


Change Your Lip Color

Lips tend to get thinner the older we get and lines might appear around our mouths so wearing very dark, stark lip colors can be really unflattering as it makes lips look even thinner and can sit in the lines as well.

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Avoid bright reds and dark burgundy shades and if you want to look younger opt for softer colors like pink and mauve as they will help to make your lips look more full and natural. It’s a good idea to start using a lip liner as well, to avoid that staining around the mouth that can happen. For extra effect, add some lip gloss.


Try an Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is a very simple tool to use although it might look a bit intimidating at first. But simply curling lashes upwards really can make your eyes look more opened and brighter, adding to that youthful impression. 

Once curled, add some mascara but avoid harsh black, as this can be aging and unflattering, go for more natural tones such as dark brown or dark greys and make sure to avoid clumping.


Look After Your Eyebrows

As we age, two things can happen to our eyebrows. Either they start to get thinner and lighter, in which case you need to add some color and enhance them slightly. Or, they get thicker, bushier, and longer, which ages you as well, so make sure to keep them nicely shaped. 

A well-shaped eyebrow really opens up the eyes and helps to give shape and definition to the face so give eyebrow grooming a bit more attention as you get older and it will make a big difference to your overall appearance.


Adjust Your Eye Liner Routine

While younger women can get away with a black kohl stark eyeliner, as we age we get fine lines around our eyes and that black starts to look too harsh and will just sit in the lines emphasizing them even more. 

Moving to a softer cream or gel-based eyeliner and moving away from a very harsh jet black can make a real difference and open up the eyes, making them brighter. Go for colors like brown, grey, navy, or plum to still provide a clearly defined eye but in a softer way.

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Use a Face Primer

A face primer, such as a BB or CC cream, can help to create a smooth surface ready for your foundation to glide on. It will fill in fine lines and will stop your foundation from sinking into them and aging you, and it will also provide skin with vital moisture, keeping it plumped and bouncy, and young looking. Dry and blotchy skin is instantly aging so using a primer is your first trick to keeping that youthful glow.


Use a Light Foundation

A heavy foundation doesn’t look good on anyone but as you get older, the heavy caked-on foundation will just sit in your lines and wrinkles and make you look even older than you are. You need to go for a light, liquid, and light-reflective foundation. 

It will sit over your skin in a gentle way while still looking natural, and the light reflectors will help to make your skin look brighter. Go for a tone slightly warmer than your natural skin tone and make sure to blend it in perfectly. 

The right foundation will make your skin glow and appear bright and healthy, as well as creating the perfect base for the rest of your beauty regime. 


Use Highlighting, Not Contouring

While contouring is trendy among younger women, if you try it when you are older it can end up making your face look hollow and sallow and actually add to an aging look so it’s best to avoid contouring as you start to age. Instead, try using a simple highlighter on your cheekbones and eyes. 

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Use Blusher

Once you have your perfect base with your foundation then add some cream blush to provide a healthy glow. Don’t overdo it, less is more, just add that hint of color and cream is easier to apply and control than a powder blush. 


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