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Best Liquid Eyeliners

Best Budget
NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner

Top Pick
Maybelline Eyestudio Master Eyeliner

Best Value
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Written by Sarah Jones
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One needs to enhance the beauty and shape of eyes by selecting the right kind of eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners are the real method to add extra beauty to eyes.

They are genuinely in fashion nowadays. One needs to apply it as they look trendier. The variety is available for you. Now, it is the choice and skilled expertise that may let you decide to select the right one.

One may pick the brush type if the expert hand is available. Otherwise, the pen pointed eyeliner as liquid eyeliner is the best option for the new users. It is a time saver and a nice displayer.

The glossy and matte looks can be as per the demands of the time and parties. Here you will located the seven best liquid eyeliners currently available.

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  • 1

    Maybelline All Day Liquid Eyeliner Eyestudio Master Precise

The ideal eyeliner is going to maintain the look of your eyes for the whole day long permanently. It is smoother and trendier. The idea is so gentle on the eyes that the new look of eyes is pretty motivating for the viewers.

The precise and sharp lines are enough to enhance the beauty of the eyes. The perfect look is possible by adding balance to the eyeliner. Maybelline is offering the real tint of black color.

The color is so blended that the eyes may look more attractive than ever before. Other color tints are available for your interest. Most of the time, only black shade isn’t enough.

So, one may avail of the rest of the hues as well. It is waterproof eyeliner, but still, you may remove it later with the aid of proper cream or liquid for makeup remover.

It will never give dark spots at the end to your eyes. There is a broad selection of shades for the eyes. It may run better with the slim-lined aid of the liner.

The idea works better as the Maybelline is the exact expert in drawing lines on the eyes. Maybelline guarantees brighter eyes after removing the coating with the aid of proper micellar water.


Smooth blending on eyes

Easy to remove

The dark tint of colours


Dries off in the container, not lasts longer

  • 2

    Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

One may apply it confidently. It is offering a great product on the market. It is the best liquid eyeliner for boosting the look of eyes in a motivational way. Even it works more accessible with the novices.

The difficulty is not an issue. People rely upon it for being an easy chore. It is useful as it maintains the wet look also if it is dried off. The liquid eyeliner is a great help for the modern look.

The idea works successfully. You will stay confident as it will never smudge off at ease. The skillful art is easy for the purpose. Stila is sure for the promotion of original hues to the eye lines.

The new shape of the eyes will be so soothing. It isn’t demanding for skipping, turning, switching, and other functions. It follows the work order gently and nicely. This formula is well known for drying off at ease. It is forthright and straightforward.


Gives ideal shape to eyes

Gives extra handhold

Stay longer


Waterproof leaves spot on eyes while removed

  • 3

    SEILANC Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof and Long Lasting

SEILANC is presenting an ideal product for resolving the complicated issues of eyeliner settings. It is tremendous in generating a variety of eye modes from cat-eye to simple ones.

No flaking is helpful. The idea of smudge-free eyes is a good one. The maintained eyes are going to give a new look. It is precisely the auto-setup eyeliner.

It provides motivational and confident hand control of the pencil flow. The liquid blends nicely for better consistency. The eyes look super-soft and blended. The corners can look great by investing the eyeliner in corners.

The maintenance time is for sure. It is easy to use. This is why both professionals and others may use it with no trouble. The eyeliner is quite safe for the sensitive plus lens eyes.

It has no allergy issues for them. The product is safe. The pigmented and blended formulae are so helpful for the eyes. It is water-resistant.

The waterproof formula is beneficial to maintain the eyes for the whole day and night. It can go with mescaline water either or some makeup remover cream. The hypoallergenic eyeliner is gentle at work.


Blends gently

Maintain cat eyes

Gives wet look


A pointed tip is slim

  • 4

    NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid eyeliner

Best Liquid Eyeliner is an excellent option for those who prefer matte outlook. The blended form and matte perspective may add to the grace of the eyes.

The expert precision with less handhold option is available. One may draw simply cat eyes to the compound winged eyes with no issue.

It draws the eye shapes confidently. The ultra-fine look can be maintained by availing the additional brush. The support of the blending brush may enhance the ends of the eyes lightly.

The smudge-proof coverage and makeup setter may support the balance of eyes. The final look may have the right support of lashes. It merges with the lashes and others with no issue.

The brush works nicely, but you can cut it as per needs. It can be incremented or decreased in size. The product is pre-tested, so it is confidently allergy-free. There is no side effect or the dangerous result of the product.

One may avail it confidently. It defines the eye lines with precision. Although, it asks for more handholds but can do the ending nicely. The makeup artist may invest it gently.


The brush can have required sizes

Gives a matte look

Ideal for free handwork


Less hand control

  • 5

    NYX Professional Vinyle Liquid Liner

The glossy eyes are always in fashion. NYX is offering a lovely product for the purpose. One may idealize the shining shape of the eyes with proper managing and maintained look. It stays longer. It is supporting the idea of extra shine and balance for the eyes.

The Liquid Eyeliner can be carried for the whole day long. The brush tip is excellent. It may do better by opening it in vast zones. One may use it by cutting it down.

In both ways, it works nicely. The idea of better blending is for sure. The slim bottle of the eyeliner may have an enormous amount of liquid liner. It works for long.

It never dries off. It can stay on the eyes for long. The glossy look is enhanced by blending the glitters. The new glittery look is prestigious for the night parties.

The slanted angle of the eyeliner is going to add more to the beautiful addition. It works better on the lash lines with the blended displays. The serene and perfect shade of black is an excellent hue for the glossy pose of eyes.


Glossy look

Blended eyeliner

Brush shaping option available


Less hand control on the brush

  • 6

    Lorac Front Of Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner

The stunning look of the Lorac is adding to the beauty of the product. One may be surprised to see the makeup grace with the proper blend of the product.

It is a precisely long-wearing plus water-resistant product. It is safer for use with water. It is more harmless from water. The formula has additional synthetic amalgamates to add a high level of blending.

It may give a bolder outlook to eye makeup. It can shape cat eyes confidently. The ultimate control is available for supporting the fragmented eyes.

The pointed end of the pen is supportive. One may hold it to the closing level either or the distant one as per the desire of the equilibrium of eyes.

It is a well known no-budge eyeliner. The pen is sharp and pointed in a slim mode look. The flexible tips are providing the ultimate control and additional handhold.


High handhold

Multiple eye shape option

Blends nicely


Pointed pen

  • 7

    Neutrogena Liquid eyeliner with Honey and Coconut

The Beauty of eye Makeup enhances with the aid of proper ingredients of the product. Neutrogena is having a specific option for you.

One may avail of the product as it has the natural elements. The real shape of the eyes will be better by adding the pen point touches. It is ideal for the sensitive Eyes.

One may have a variety of shapes like Cat eye. It resolves the sensitive eye issues by using this ideal Hypoallergenic eyeliner. It helps to shape eyes for holding the pen in proper controls.

It is well known for giving a single stroke. It is efficient for offering excellent handholds. The user may invest it with appropriate confidence.

The effortless applications are trendier. It is helpful for novices. One may avail it with little or no practice. The use is secure.


Extraordinary hand control

Can create a variety of eye looks



Pointed pen

Frequently Asked Questions

Below the frequent questions about the best liquid eyeliners.

What is the most comfortable liquid eyeliner to use?

The brush asks for high skills plus expertise. The pen pointing can give you an additional handhold. This may add to the confidence level. The pen pointed liquid eyeliner is an easier one.

The brush is also a good idea, but it works better with the practice. If you think that you have enough time to practice, then you may apply the liquid eyeliner via brush. It is better to keep a pen pointed eyeliner for saving time.

What is the longest-lasting liquid eyeliner?

Eyeliner that gets dry quickly is the well known waterproof eyeliner. The best eyeliner for the purpose will last longer. The gentle way of using the right eyeliner is real practice.

The maximum maintenance and lasting time for the liquid eyeliner are 12 hours. After 12 hours of completion, it is better to remove the eyeliner after 12 hours. It is almost half a day long.

What is the best waterproof liquid eyeliner?

Most of the pen pointed eyeliners are better for being waterproof. The best water-resistant eyeliner needs to maintain the level of water control for half of the day.

It needs not to spread from the sides. For this purpose, pen liners give a better outcome. The real result of waterproof isn’t low for the liquid eyeliner with brush types.

Is liquid eyeliner better than regular eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is mostly preferable for decent blending. It gives a glamorous look. The generous and bent modified shape of eyes adds to the makeup and face beauty of the female.

The idea of liquid eyeliner is a decent one as it motivates the shape adjustment with no issue. It can blend itself as per your choice. It is supposed to be ideal for the cat eyes, corner wings, and elongated blends.

What is more comfortable to apply liquid eyeliner or pencil?

Pencils sound an easy way out! It has more handholds. But the issue is not the application only. The mod look of the liquid eyeliner matters more. The application process enhances practice.

In liquid eyeliners, the ideal application procedures are available with the pen pointed shapes. At times, brushes seem challenging in the liquid category, but still, the look of liquid eyeliner is undeniable.


The variety is available in the market, so you need to decide on the right choice. It might be better to prefer the eyeliner in the specific shape of your hold and control. If a person is confident with the brush blending, then she may avail it. Otherwise, the pen pointed ones are the ideal choice for the novices. It is a fact that all of them are liquid eyeliners. Maintaining and creating the eye is a skilled job; you may do it confidently by picking up the right product. However, NYX Professional Makeup Matte Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Eyestudio Master Eyeliner and Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner are our three picks from the best liquid eyeliners review.