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Best Lip Gloss

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Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss

Top Pick
NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

Best Value
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

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Lip gloss is a great way to add an extra glow to your lips. It keeps your lips moisturized for a longer period. Lip gloss appears in countless shades under diverse brands due to which you might get confused which one to choose.

It can make you look ugly or beautiful depending on the shade you pick so you should be extra careful while selecting the lip gloss. Only pick the lip gloss that matches your face.

However, to help you find the best lip gloss with ease, we have reviewed the seven best lip glosses available in the makeup industry.

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  • 1

    NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

With over 22 unique shades, NYX Professional Makeup has built much popularity as a lip gloss. It gives a buttery soft touch to the lips that will make you use it again and again.

The top shades that you would love to try in the NYX lip gloss are angel food cake, apple strudel, cinnamon roll and red velvet. Each hue provides sheer to medium coverage that makes your lips extra attractive.

NYX Professional Makeup melts on the lips and gives a silky smooth experience. It adds a creamy effect and does not cause stickiness while touching the lips.

You will earn soft and kissable lips through the NYX Professional product. Also, if you are a pout lover, then this product will help you to take a perfect picture while doing pout.

It is a cruelty-free lip gloss that doesn’t over exaggerate the texture. Most of the other lip glosses usually expand the texture which makes lips look strange, but that is not the case with the NYX Professional Butter Gloss.

It adds a highly shiny effect on lips without causing any harm. Not only this, but the NYX Professional Makeup lip gloss will stay on your lips for more hours.

However, touching the lip gloss roughly might cause it to vanish from your lips so you should not touch your lips if you desire to keep the lip gloss to stay longer.


Wide shades range

Perfect pout


Silky smooth

Buttery soft


May require reapplying

  • 2

    L.A. Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lip Gloss

If you are a fan of dark shades and prefer makeup accessories with attraction colours, then the L.A. Colors High Shine Lip Gloss should be your top preference.

The L.A. Colors product delivers 14 eye-catching shades such as amplify, babycakes, catwalk, dynamite etc. However, if you don’t like dark shades, then don’t worry because this product also has a solution for it in the form of light hues, including a clear, playful and doll face.

Each shade is excellent and perfectly prepared that it might look great on your lips. However, before putting cash on any of the lip gloss hues, you should look at your skin tone and only choose the perfect match for it so that you seem beautiful.

However, the L.A. Colors lip gloss is a great way to add higher shine to your lips without over-stressing the hue. This pigmented formula moisturizes the lips so that it does not get dry.

The light vanilla scent will make you much more engaging. It has long-lasting wear and does not produce irritation to the lips.

The L.A. Colors High Shine Gloss aims to deliver comfort to its customers due to which it does not add any such ingredient in the lip gloss that can cause discomfort. Whether you use it for minutes or hours, you will enjoy keeping it on your lips.


Ultra-pigmented formula

Produces vanilla scent

non-sticky finish

keeps lips soft

Shiny effect


Thin & slippery

  • 3

    Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss never disappoints with its shades. With the substantial range of tones, the Rimmel Stay brand stepped into the market.

It gives the option to select from 34 hues covering light, medium and dark shades for all types of skin tones. It is an affordable lip gloss that arrives in two size options, including a single pack and a double pack.

The Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss is an instant way to enhance the glowing effect on the lips. Thanks to the non-sticky formula that makes Rimmel’s lip gloss a top pick of most females.

The glitter finish increases the shininess and lasts for an extended duration. However, applying the lipstick as a base will help you earn substantial results.

But if you don’t want to use any base still, it’s not an issue, because you can wear this lip gloss alone as well. The shine extended technology of the Rimmel product delivers brilliant hue for more than six hours.

However, six hours is the recommended lasting time, but this lip gloss may even last longer. It carries hydration conditioners that contribute extra softness on the lips.

You will enjoy soft silk and smooth lips because of this product. Apart from this, the Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss offers precise coverage. Rimmel Stay Glossy is further easier to remove and wear.


Shine extend technology

Better wearing time

Can wearing alone

Increase moisture

Soft-extend lip


Very sheer

  • 4

    Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

For females who usually feel a lack of moisture on their lips, the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss is a great choice. Using the Revlon lip gloss, you can double the moisture on your lips within no time.

It gives a sharp and better shape to the lips. If we talk about the shades availability, the Revlon is widely available in the 24 hues covering light to dark options.

For people who prefer dark shades, the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss has added Black Cherry, Desert Spice, Fatal Apple, Indulge and Dusk Darling hues.

At the same time, Revlon also focuses on females who like to put light color lip gloss on their lips due to which it awards some additional options such as All That Glitters, Crystal Clear, Frost Queen, and Lean.

So it’s up to you which option you want to choose in the Revlon lip gloss. Besides this, The Revlon hydration lip gloss delivers high shine with a non-stick effect.

Further, the formula of this product carries butter, moringa oil and agave in it to make you glow your lips using natural items.

These natural ingredients used in the manufacturing of Revlon lip gloss produce a certain smell which will cause a pleasant environment around you. The small bottle of the Revlon is quite easy to apply on lips.


Intense sheen


Dewy shine




May feel slightly heavy

  • 5

    Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Gloss is a preferable option for females who desire a greater wearing time from a lip gloss. Thanks to the Neutrogena Hydro lip gloss that will remain on your lips for a full day without reducing its shining and hydration effect.

Also, it plays an essential role in the softness of the lips. The product increases the softness and supports you obtaining smooth lips.

Unlike most other lip glosses, the Neutrogena Hydro offers fewer shades, but the result delivered by each of the colours will be of top-class.

Berry brown, soft mulberry, true nude, bright poppy and deep cherry are the trending shades by Neutrogena in which most females are interested in investing.

This versatile lip moisturizer works effectively with lipstick. Adding lip gloss over the lipstick will take the softness and smoothness of your lips to the next level. However, the Neutrogena Hydro uses the hyaluronic acid that expands the hydrating property of this product.

It is a non-drying formula that takes care of your lips health and does not hold any harmful ingredients. The non-sticky character of Neutrogena Hydro gloss is an additional reason to accept this product.


Versatile lip moisturizer

Easy to use tube

Vibrant shades

Smoother lips



Offer fewer colours

  • 6

    Almay Goddess Lip Gloss Waterproof

Because of the sleek shape and a tube appearance, the Almay Goddess Lip Gloss is considerably easier to carry during travelling in contrast to other lip glosses.

If you are going to an event, you can keep the Almany gloss in your bag, to apply it whenever you want. Although it does not give a lot of options when it comes to shades, the results are worthy.

The Almay product covers seven marvellous shades, such as angelic, cosmic, ethereal, fairy, flame, halo, mystic and rainbow. The dermatologist-tested shows the safety of the Almay product.

It gives a brilliant and softer effect on the lip. Depending on your choice, you can either use it with lipstick or wear it solo. Mixing it with the lipstick will give a more beautiful seem.

For a lengthy time, the Almay Goddess guarantees to provide the hydration impression on the lips without adding the stickiness factor.

The Almay brand has employed raspberry oil, grape and pomegranate to produce this lip gloss, so without thinking about any risk, you can use it on your lips.


Can be used solo or with lipstick

Dermatologist tested

Better moisturized

Layerable formula



A low quantity of hues

  • 7

    e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss

Discussing the best makeup accessories and not considering the e.l.f. Brand products will be the worst decision. The e.l.f. Lip Plumping Gloss is the last product that justifies its cost.

With around four shades, the e.l.f. Lip Plumping will appear elegant on your lips. Pink cosmo, mocha twist, peach bellini and sparkling rose are the fewer options that you can pick with this product.

It is a nourishing liquid formula that is very much simple to apply. As indicated by the name, this product will help you get plumping lips. It uses coconut oil and vitamin E for the production process, which makes e.l.f. Gloss, a health-friendly makeup accessory.

Also, this e.l.f product is 100% cruelty-free and does not hold phthalates, parabens and triclocarban. Not only this, but you will also not identify the nonylphenol, ethoxylates, and hydroquinone which give another reason to buy it.

It incorporates the beauty factor to your lips without affecting the originality. This gloss offers resistance to smudge and does not come out unintentionally.


Moisturizing gloss


Have no harm

Easy to wear



May not contain your favourite shade

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes some common questions about Best lip gloss.

What is the best lip gloss brand?

NYX Professional Makeup is the best lip gloss brand with top-quality lip glosses. Whether you talk about the features, performance, or shades, the lip gloss by NYX Professional Makeup will never mislead with its quality.

The lip gloss by NYX Professional Makeup gives better moisturizing effect and glow to the lips due to which people love investing in NYX Professional Makeup products.

Which lip gloss lasts longest?

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss lasts for up to six hours, which is quite a substantial duration. Most of the lip glosses usually last less than the mentioned time, but a few may remain on your lips for even more time. For a much greater period, you can also go for the Neutrogena Hydro Boost lip gloss.

What makes lip gloss stay on all day?

If you are planning to keep the lip gloss on your lips for the whole day, then you should prefer the Neutrogena Hydro Boost lip gloss. It guarantees to give a long-lasting effect that can remain for up to a full day.

Does lip gloss make your lips bigger?

Yes, the lip gloss can make your lips look bigger. Because of the thickness of the lip gloss, you may identify an increase in your lips size. But, there are some lip glosses available that do not alter the lips size.


NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss is a one-stop-shop for females who desire to get the best lip gloss. It is an affordable solution to get flouring and moisturizer lips. The other two best lip gloss alternatives that you can also add in your makeup accessories are Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss and Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss.