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With the hot weather many of us will be digging out shorts and bikinis but it’s quite possible our bikini area will need a bit of attention before wearing the more revealing clothes which the summer months call for. 

There are many different ways to remove that pesky hair and tidy up the whole area, from shaving with a razor, to waxing or using hair removal cream. However, a choice that is growing in popularity is using a bikini trimmer

A trimmer can be incredibly versatile and doesn’t require any extra products to use it. Once you have one you can tidy up that area as many times as you need to, as long as you make sure the blades are sharp enough. 

How to use a bikini trimmer

Here is a quick guide to using that trimmer perfectly:

  1. Choose the right trimmer

Don’t try to use a normal hair trimmer to tidy up your bikini area as it will be too big and you could end up cutting yourself, make sure you buy a specialist bikini trimmer designed for this particular purpose. 

     2. Preparing the bikini trimmer

Make sure your trimmer has got enough power, if it’s a cordless one you might need to charge it up before you begin. There is nothing worse than running out of charge halfway through a trim. It’s important to make sure the blades are clean and sharp, and that the setting is in the correct place for your preference. 

     3. Trim any longer hairs

If your pubic hair is long, then trim it with hygienic scissors to start with, to prevent it from clogging the trimmer and to make the job a little bit easier. Don’t use these scissors for any other purpose. 

     4. Have a nice bath

Soaking your hair in the bath makes it softer and easier to trim afterwards, so doing this after a bath is the perfect time. It can become part of your overall beauty and cleansing routine. 

     5. Wet vs dry trimming

If you are using a wet shaver you will need to apply bikini area shaving cream before you start. Make sure it is cream specifically for this area of the body. If you are dry shaving then just dry the area after your bath. 

    6. Begin trimming

You can now start trimming your bikini hair. Guide your bikini trimmer through your hair in the direction in which it grows naturally. Trying to shave in the opposite direction will hurt and result in a very uneven shave. Pull your skin tight as you guide the trimmer over your skin. 

    7. More bath time 

If you want to avoid ingrowing hairs, have another soak in the bath straight after shaving to open up the hair follicles and stop any from turning inwards. 

    8. Moisturize the area

Pat your bikini area dry and apply a moisturizer for sensitive skin, to help prevent any kind of skin rash. 

guide to using that trimmer perfectly
Tips for getting that perfect smooth shave with a bikini trimmer

Trim slowly – just guide the trimmer over your skin slowly rather than trying to pull hairs out or force it in anyway or you will end up with bumps and cuts or rashes afterwards. It takes time and practice.

Always moisturize – if you have naturally sensitive skin never forget to moisturize afterwards to avoid developing a nasty shaving rash. If you are very sensitive, moisturizing the area before you do a trim can also help to make it easier.

\Get rashes checked out – when you start trimming this area you can expect to experience some redness and rash but if that becomes persistent you should get some advice from your doctor.

Only trim when dry – if you are trimming the hair with either the trimmer or scissors, you should do this on dry hair.

Only shave when wet – if you are planning a very close shave you need to use some kind of lubrication to avoid a rash, make sure to use a product designed for the bikini area. 

Practice makes perfect – the first time you shave this area it might not be perfect but the more you do it the more you will get used to it and the easier it will become. 

Only use bikini products – while it might be tempting to grab the nearest moisturizer, or use your partner’s shaving cream, you could end up with very sore and sensitive skin if you do that. You should only ever use products designed to be used in the bikini area.


Tips for getting that perfect smooth shave with a bikini trimmer

Using a bikini trimmer is a quick and convenient way to tidy up this very sensitive area of the body, as long as it’s done properly. Always use a trimmer and products which are designed particularly for use in the bikini area, for your skin’s sake. 

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