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Best Massage Tables

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EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer

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Massage Table Portable by BestMassage

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Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

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Massage is a great way to reduce pain and stress that is the reason, most people usually love to take massage therapy. If you are a massage therapist who wants to give their client the best massage experience, then you should own a massage table.

The massage table will make the experience more relaxing for your client. But with a lot of massage tables available out there, finding the best one is a bit complicated.

You have to keep a lot of things in mind while purchasing the best massage tables. To help you in locating the best massage tables, we have come up with this article. Here you will find nine best massage tables that you can put your cash on without thinking much.

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  • 1

    Massage Table Portable By BestMassage

When it comes to the massage table, the BestMassage is among the leading brands. It is a premium design table that gives you three variations of colours.

Blank, cream and pink are the top shades that you can get with this massage table. In terms of length, it is 73 inches long and 28 inches wide table which makes it suitable for an average person.

You will notice a 2 inches thick sponge with this table that adds extra comfort. It uses hardwood for its manufacturing, so you don’t need to worry about the excessive weight of the person present on it.

It can withstand around 450 pounds of weight, which is extraordinary. Without the use of any tool, you will be able to set up the BestMassage table with ease.

You will only have to open it from the middle to make the table ready to use. Furthermore, the robust knobs present in it will help you to adjust the height of the table by pressing a button.

24″ to 33″ is the height range that you can set in this product. This feature will help the masseur to work easily so that they can deliver the best outcome to their client. PVC leather covering offers a soft and comfortable experience.

This Massage Table Portable By BestMassage is skin-friendly which means that the person on it will not face any irritation. The widened metal hinges inserted with this table will support you to fold and unfold it with a gentle force.

Thanks to the humanized hand pallet that will not let your hands get tired. You can put your hands on it, which will give you a more relaxing experience.


Humanized hand pallet

Premium foam padding

Deluxe PVC leather

Height adjustment

Flexible headrest


Weight is heavy

  • 2

    Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

If you are looking for a quality portable massage table that you can easily carry with you, then you must go for the Saloniture Professional table.

As it is a portable table, you don’t have to wait for your client to come to you because you can take the massage table to your client’s place. To easily transport the table, you will also obtain a carrying case with it.

The deluxe cushioning on the table aims to give high-quality comfort. If we talk about dimensions, this table is 28 inches in height. At the top end, you will find a separate rest place for your head.

It will help you to relax your head during the massage session. Apart from this, most people complain about their arms getting tired during the massage due to which the Saloniture has added separate armrest wings for both of your arms.

Also, the foam present on the folding table has a thick layer of foam. The product additionally provides a face pillow cover, which you can remove if wanted.

Another great thing about the Saloniture Professional folding table is its capacity to hold higher weight. Without any issue, this massage table can hold 450 pounds of weight.

The table legs have a strong grip on the floor because of the non-slip feet. It resists the sliding of the table, which will prevent the table from falling. Also, it uses water as well as oil-proof material, so you don’t have to worry even if the oil falls on the massage table surface.

The vegan-friendly material of this product will also not let any smell stay on it. Most of the accessories attached with the table are detachable which will support you in customizing the table as per your wish.


Adjustable headrest & armrests

Fold-and-carry design

High-density foam

Luxurious comfort

Oil & water-proof


Head cradle might be uncomfortable for some people

  • 3

    Massage Table Massage Bed Spa By BestMassage With Carry Case

The Massage Table Massage Bed Spa is for those people who are searching for a greater size table. It is an 84 inches long table that will help people with a greater height to get fit on the table easily.

The Spa table includes all vital equipment that might support you in providing professional massage service. The table appears in four shades that you can choose according to your wish.

Because of its design, you can use it for home massage, physical therapy and many other purposes. It is a lightweight and portable table so you can easily transport it to the desired place without the support of more people.

The sturdy material used in manufacturing makes it a strengthful product. Thanks to the 450 pounds of weight-bearing capacity that will not let heavyweight damage the table.

Because adjustable height and can go from 24-34 inches as per your requirement. Even if you are using it for the first time, you don’t need the assistance of any professional to set it up.

This spa bed intention is to relax your whole body due to which it introduces the headrests and armrests. The headrests and armrests are detachable so you can remove them while moving the table.

This product will also award you with the carry case. You can easily fold the table and keep it in a carry bag for easy transportability.

Twenty-eight pounds is the total weight of this Bed Spa so you will not find any issue while lifting it. Unlike a few other massage tables, BestMassage Spa table will not get automatically folded because of the durable feet.


Luxurious foam padding

Ideal for professionals





Thin cushioning

  • 4

    Master Massage 30" Del Ray Pro Portable Table

Master Massage is an elegant design portable table with a broad width of 30 inches while its length is 72 inches. It arrives in two distinct premium looking layouts, including the Standard Sand and Salon ThermaTop.

Its cost is a bit high, but because of the top-class features and performance, it’s reasonable. You can shift the height of the table from 24 inches to 34 inches as per your wish because of the adjustable option.

If we talk about the weight, Master Massage is a bit heavier in weight in contrast to previously mentioned portable tables. Its weight is 34 pounds so you might need the support of a couple of people to lift it with ease.

The aircraft-grade steel makes it an unbreakable spa table. Holding 750 pounds of weight will not be an issue for this table because of the stronger construction.

To expand the comfort level, it uses the cushion with multi-layer foam. Additionally, the material of this spa bed provides resistance to oil, which will not let the oil stay on it even for a minute.

It is a CFC-free product, so it will not have any harm to the skin even after hours of the massage session. The denim-like reinforcement of this product provides additional stability.

Face cradle, face pillow and carrying case are some of the massage equipment that you will earn through this product. Thanks to the auto-lock option that will lock the table leg within a few seconds.

Because of the auto-lock feature, the table will not get folded without your permission. The duo-plan hinges add greater power to the table center. Another great thing about this massage table is that it appears with a 2-year of warranty.


Greater Weight-holding ability

Adjustable face cradle

Auto-lock leg system

Multi-layer foam

Adjustable legs



  • 5

    MaxKare Massage Table Lash Bed Professional

For massage therapists who want a multi-functioning table with a lot of massage equipment, MaxKare Massage Table might be a great pick. The 84 inches length make it suitable for people of all heights.

It is a traditional design massage table with superb stability. The hardwood frame makes it a stronger table that can endure 496 pounds of weight.

You can even put more weight than 496 pounds, but it’s a recommended limit so you should not go over it. Some of the other massage tables usually absorb oil and water because of the poor material, which is not the case with MaxKare Massage spa.

The premium covering on it does not allow any liquid to stay on the surface of the table. It has a high-density foam that will take comfort to the next level.

The headrest will contribute a soothing experience to your face during the massage period. Also, the backrest included in this product is adjustable, which will allow the massage therapist to easily deliver a better massage to their customers.

It appears with an arm sling and arm shelf so that you can rest your arms. Besides this, the detachable functionality of headrest and armrests make it easier to fold and carry the table.

If you look at the spa table surface, you will find a high-grade PU leather on it. Because of the strong leather material tearing the cover will not be an easy thing. Additionally, the PU leather does not produce any odor even after using it for a longer period. It also grants easy portability.


High-density foam

Provide carry case

Maximum Stability

Adjustable range

Easy to fold


Traditional design

  • 6

    SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table

Some people like to own products with a simple design. If you are among those people, then you will also like the SierraComfort Basic Portable table.

This table is quite simple in design and does not include any additional features. It appears with a black covering with no additional color options.

When it comes to long-lasting and strength, then SierraComfort Basic Portable Table is in the top list. The beech hardwood frame used for the construction of this table makes it harder to break.

This beech wood is a great additional to this product. However, you will not feel the hardness of this frame while sitting on the table because it has foam and covering over it that gives a softer experience.

Furthermore, the cables attached to the lower side make it more powerful. These cables keep the massage table in place and do not let it move without your consent.

Also, the threaded bar keeps it more stabilized. The length and width of the massage table are around 73 and 28 inches, respectively.

Even the SierraComfort Basic table is lower in weight still it can keep much greater body weight on itself without any damage. Thirty-one pounds is the weight of this table while its working weight capacity is 400 pounds.

The working weight capacity is a bit low in contrast to other reviewed massage tables, but still, it’s fine for an average person. It also has a limited warranty of two years that will give you extra confidence while investing in this product.


High-Density Foam Deck

Adjustable Table Height

Multiple Frame Cables

Water & Oil Resistant



Do not include headrest and armrest

  • 7

    Master Massage 31" Montclair Professional Portable

The Master Massage Portable table is quite an expensive item with some distinctive features. This table is rich in colours and offers six unique shade schemes.

Black, black Italia, crystal rose, royal blue, imperial blue and snow white are the top premium colours that you can put on your massage table.

However, unlike other tables, for each shade, the Master Massage table demands you to pay a different price, which most people don’t like. Apart from this, it has suitable dimensions that can easily hold a person with an average height.

In terms of width, it’s 31 inches wider while its length is 84 inches that are rarely located in top-class massage tables. The minimum height of this table is 24 inches, but it’s adjustable, so you can take the height up to 34 inches if needed.

As compared to other listed massage tables, this one weighs a bit higher. This Master Massage overall weight is 36 pounds due to which you might struggle a bit while lifting it alone.

You will truly enjoy every second of the massage session on this table because of the memory foam on it. The PU upholstery material will release all your pain.

Master Massage has put a significant focus on legs. To make the table legs stronger, Master Massage brand has used the Mahogany Hardwood material. Even after putting excessive weight, the legs will not feel any damage because of greater stress.

However, you will also notice leg knobs that further render a firmer grip between the table feet and the floor. Also, it gives an easily foldable experience.


Enormous weight support

Mahogany hardwood legs

Memory foam system

Soft face cradle

Carrying case



  • 8

    Master Massage Universal Fabric Fitted Table

Master Massage Universal is a cheaper and lightweight solution for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on costly massage tables with a heavyweight.

Although the cost is a bit lower, it has some high-end features that justify its pricing. It has a skin-friendly coating that has no harm to the skin.

Even if you use it for years, you will not notice the tearing of the cover because of the durable manufacturing. The upholstery material of the Master Massage possesses an oil and water repletion ability, so even if the liquid falls on the massage table, still you don’t need to bother about the bad smell and stain.

Using the wet cloth, you can easily remove any spot from the table cover. When it comes to warranty life span, then it is hard to compete with the Master Massage.

It has a vast five years of guarantee, which you may even not find in most high-priced massage tables. The 31″ x74″ width and length of this portable table is also great.

It has elastic corners that you can stretch without making any destruction to it. Like the high-priced spa tables, the Master Massage also takes support from the PU vinyl leather to render a smooth upper-class experience.

Even after staying on the massage table for hours, you will not feel any discomfort. However, when it comes to headrest and armrest position, this product lacks in that section.


PU Vinyl leather

Elastic corner

oil resistant

Low price



No headrest and armrest

  • 9

    EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer

EARTHLITE has given an electric touch to its massage table to make things easier for its customers. It is a two-in-one product that includes a fleece pad and a warmer experience.

The fleeced heated option will keep your client cozy for a longer period, which makes it a great option during the wintertime. If you look at the design of the EARTHLITE table, then there is nothing special in it, but it has some rare features.

It is a ergonomic table with a length of 72 inches and a width of 30 inches. You will also earn an 11 ft long power cord to use the warmer option in this product.

However, such similar massage table warmers can cause injury because of excessive heat, but that is not the issue in the EARTHLITE table.

The over-heat protection feature will not allow the heat to go over a certain temperature limit, which will keep your clients safe from the heat injury.

Additionally, the auto-shutoff will switch off the heating pad after three hours, which makes it further secure. It comes with a digital controller using which you can control the massage table warmer with a single touch.

You will also access high, medium and low heat settings on this product. The quick heat features will rapidly make the environment hotter.


Luxuriously soft fleece

Over-heat protection

Warmer & fleece pad

Dual heating setting

Digital Controller


The armrest is not included

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will get to know some common questions about the best massage tables

What is the best massage table?

Massage Table Portable By BestMassage, Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table and EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer are the three best massage tables that will give you top-quality features and performance.

How much weight does a massage table hold?

The weight holding capacity of a massage table varies from brand to brand. Some tables can hold the heavyweight while a few tables have quite a low weight holding ability. But I would only suggest you choose the table that can withstand the higher weight.

What is the best electric massage table?

EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer is one of the best electric massage tables that you can try. It will help you to perform most of the tasks, like adjusting the table height etc. automatically.

What should I look for in a portable massage table?

There are various things that you should keep in your mind while buying a portable massage table. The first thing is the width and length.

Make sure that you are choosing the table with the right dimensions. Only select the table that has greater weight holding capacity. You must also look at the foam thickness before buying the table.

Also, some of the massage tables come with many additional features, so if you don’t require those features, then you should avoid those products because of their higher price.


Massage Table Portable by BestMassage is an overall best massage table that prime purpose is to provide comfort and relaxing massage. But if you are on a budget and want to experience automatic features, then you can also choose the EARTHLITE Massage Table Warmer while the Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table can also be a right choice for the comfort massage session. However, you can also choose some other products for the given list of best portable massage tables because offer good features.