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Best Massage Oils

Best Budget
Natural Edible Massage Oil for Sensual Massage

Top Pick
Sensual Massage Oil by Maple Holistics

Best Value
Edible Vanilla Erotic Massage by HoneyDew

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There are diverse methods to combat stress and body pain, and among those approaches, massage is one of the best ways. Masseuse usually takes support from massage oil to give a relaxing session.

Massage oil makes the massage experience pleasant and enjoyable. However, not all the massage oils are worth trying. Some may cause a bad smell, resulting in the worst massage activity.

Therefore, Masseuse struggles to locate the best massage oils for the skin. Below, you will come across seven best massage oils, which give pleasant results.

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  • 1

    Natural Edible Massage Oil by Maple Holistics

Natural Edible Massage Oil allows you to give your body a comfortable break after a hard day. It offers tropical as well as berry edible oil flavor to try.

This therapeutic massage oil de-stress the body in a few moments. It is naturally flavored and serves the best results against body ache. This essential oil employs coconut as well as almond oil that suits all body surfaces.

It offers a better viscosity so that the oil flows on the skin with ease. The jojoba oil present in this Natural Edible Massage Oil product makes your body stress from head to toe.

Also, it has vitamin E in it, which shields the body hair and skin surface. Further, it also accommodates in dealing with the fine lines, wrinkles, pores on the body and adds extra softness to it.

Rubbing this oil on the skin, will not cause excessive heat. It ensures to give you a relaxing massage and help to deal with the tightness of the body.

However, it has a stronger smell so some people might not like to keep the Natural Edible Massage Oil for a longer time on their body. Overall it’s a great therapeutic massage oil that will soothe the body muscles and tissues within no time.


Promotes soft skin

Skin hydration

Easy to apply


Some people might dislike the smell

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    Refresh Massage Oil with Eucalyptus Essential Oils by Brookethorne Naturals

If you want to get the most out of a massage session, then go for the Refresh Massage Oil. It comes with an 8.5oz bottle with pressable-lid that helps in bringing out the oil with a gentle touch.

The nut-free characteristic of this formula will have zero inflammation on any skin type so with no worry Masseuse can use Refresh Massage Oil by Brookethorne Naturals on their client’s body.

Attaining a refreshing and uplifting massage will become much easier with the use of Brookethorne Naturals oil. It will contribute a spa-like experience with the silky smooth glow.

Another great thing about Brookethorne Naturals Essential Oil is that it does not produce greasy results. However, to help people hydrate the skin, this product adds grape seed, kernel and jojoba oils.

It will give aromatherapy and relaxing outputs every time you apply it on your body. The blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and fractionated make a perfect and skin-friendly oil.

The anti-inflammatory property of this oil will help you come out of the worry that most oils give because of the irritation effect on the skin. It is a great formula for the sensitive skin that re-energize the body muscles.


Effective relief from ache


Nut-free solution


Lighter scent

  • 3

    Melt Almond Sensual Massage Oil

Melt Almond comes in a beautiful bottle with healthy-friendly oil in it. Whether you want an 8 oz or 16 oz bottle, you can access both through the Melt Almond oil.

It is a Therapeutic Skincare product that does not have any smell in it. The Unscented property of this oil makes it suitable for people who do not like to add fragrance to their body.

It gives a rejuvenating surface and a soothing massage session. If you are encountering the tired or sore muscles, then the Melt Almond will help you in relaxing it.

It provides relief from stress, anxiety and makes the body decompressed. The Melt Almond product is non-greasy and flows smoothly on the skin during the massage.

Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, or combination skin, you can use the Melt Almond Sensual Massage Oil with no risk.

This Melt Almond product offers a great deal for travelers. It appears with a bonus travel bottle so that you can carry while on tour. This oily will make you attain a worthy moisturizing skin therapy.

It is cruelty-free, paraben-free and adds a more cooling effect on the skin. However, if you desire fragrance from massage oil, then the Melt Almond is not for you because it does not give any aroma option.


Natural ingredients

Non-greasy feel

Relief stress


No fragrance

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    Relax Therapeutic Body Massage Oil By Brookethorne Naturals

A few drops of Brookethorne Naturals Oil will help you earn an effective massage session. This lavender oil removes the body stiffness and supports to deal with the aching muscles.

With each bottle, the Brookethorne Naturals will give 8.5oz oil to use for a longer period. It accommodates pain management and improves the mood even after a long tiring day.

This peppermint oil does not let your muscles stay tight for a long time. The Brookethorne Naturals Massage Oil will aid in overexertion of muscles.

Besides this, the hypoallergenic-free character of this oil makes it a perfect choice for sensitive skin. It will support the hand to glide easily on the body so that you can get a smooth massage.

Also, it does not permit the skin to absorb it quickly, which means that a few drops of this product will cover the whole body for you. This marjoram oil does not produce stickiness and greasiness on the skin.

The natural ingredients used in the Brookethorne Naturals make it risk-free and body-friendly. Without facing irritation, you can rub this oil on the desired area of the skin to give exceptional leisure to the body.


Make the skin smooth

Does not dry quickly

Relaxing smell



  • 5

    Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender by Maple Holistics

Maple Holistics Sensual Massage Oil is a true star in the massage oil industry. Whether it be appearance or performance, Maple Holistics will never disappoint you.

It comes with a beautiful and stylish bottle with two distinctive sizings such as 8 oz and 16 oz. The blend of almond and jojoba oil makes it smell great.

Other natural ingredients fulfil the body requirement of essential minerals that do not let the dryness to appear. It has a balanced absorbency that will help to contribute a moderate absorption experience.

Maple Holistics oil does not produce any mess on the body surface and allows you to rub it with ease. It behaves as a therapeutic material for the body and helps to calm the joints as well as muscles.

Apart from dealing with ache joints and muscles, the Maple Holistics soft down the body tissues resulting in more relaxation. Also, it does not cause the greasy residue buildup so that you don’t want to remove the oil from your body for a prolonged time.

As it is a 100% pure oil, so it’s free from any harmful chemicals. It does not hold the silicone, preservative and any other damaging ingredients for the skin.

The best thing about Maple Holistics oil is that even after keeping it for a long duration, it will not result in staining and greasiness. Overall, the Maple Holistics oil is of top-quality with hypoallergenic and moisturizing effect.


Moisturizing formula

Relax the body

Protect skin


Some people may face a packaging issue

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    Honeydew Relaxing Massage Oil

The combination of bergamot, almond and jojoba oil produces the Honeydew oil with a romantic smell. The smell makes this massage oil suitable for couples.

Whether you are taking it for home use or your massage shop, the Honeydew Oil will be perfect for both. It arrives with an elegant 236ml of a bottle that gives easy pouring of the oil on the skin.

Moreover, the gliding ability of this oil is excellent. It flows on the skin surface effortlessly making you enjoy more. The Honeydew Massage Oil is free from residue and is non-greasy, which is another reason to invest in this product.

Unlike some other massage oils, the Honeydew does not result in extra pimples and acne on the skin. It only makes the skin smooth and soft, with no adverse impact on it.

Besides this, it’s a great aromatherapy essential oil that gives an easy solution to eradicate the muscle tension. You will crave more of the massage session after keeping the Honeydew oil on your body. Also, it promotes the blood circulation of the body and makes you attain optimal strength.

Whether you have some issue with your back, shoulder, legs or neck, give the Honeydew oil a try, and after a short time, you will be able to calm all the organs of the body. Without risking your wellness and health, put this oil on the body surface and get into a deep, peaceful experience.


Reduce muscle tension





  • 7

    Edible Vanilla Erotic Massage By Honeydew

Edible Vanilla is another premium quality oil by the Honeydew brand. It helps you give a soothing experience to the body and mind. The product ensures to vanish away all your stress in a short time.

The Honeydew oil has a much lower viscosity as compared to other massage oils which deliver a balanced flow of it on the body. The reason that this oil gives such pleasant and healthy results is that it includes a blend of jojoba, almond and coconut oil.

It untangles the stress and delivers enhanced outcomes. The Vanilla smell of this oil will surely make you love this product. Because of the ingredients, it helps in minimizing the fine lines and anti-ageing appearance on your body.

It gives a spa massage with no damage to the muscles. Not only this, but the Honeydew Edible Vanilla also works against the stretchmarks and moisturizes the skin.

It does not produce any itchy and much sticky massage experience. Also, this massage oil does not hold much weight and is a pain-reducing solution for a hectic day.

In contrast to other massage oils, the Edible Vanilla does not leave any mark or scratch on the body and result in a flawless body. Overall, Honeydew is another oil to enjoy a relaxing massage.


Improve muscles & joint strength

Irresistibly smooth

release aches


Bottle may leak

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ segment includes common queries about the best Massage oils..

What oil is best for a massage?

Natural Edible Massage Oil by Maple Holistics, Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender by Maple Holistics and Edible Vanilla Erotic Massage Honeydew are some of the best massage oils.

However, before choosing any of the oil for massage, you should make sure to check their fragrance, body compatibility and viscosity. Also, ensure that it does not harm the body surface.

Some of the massage oils cause a terrible smell, so make sure to check the scent if you want to get a pleasant aroma.

Where can I buy massage oil?

You can buy the massage oil from the drugstore or Amazon.

What is the most sensual essential oil?

Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender by Maple Holistics is the most sensual essential oil that you can try. This oil will provide you with all the uses that you might desire from massage oil.

It will release the excessive tension and pressure from your body after an exhausting day. Besides this, its appearance is also good, and the fragrance is pleasant.


Each of the massage oils mentioned in the article is of top-quality, and every product justifies its cost. However, the three best massage oils that are currently the talk of the town because of their performance are Sensual Massage Oil with Relaxing Lavender by Maple Holistics, Natural Edible Massage Oil by Maple Holistics and Edible Vanilla Erotic Massage Honeydew. These oils will enhance your massage experience, and you will surely enjoy them keeping on your body.