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Best Massage Stones

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40 Piece Massage Stones Set

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TIR Massage Stone - Set of 8

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Large Essential Massage Stones Set

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Massage stone is a traditional method to get a relaxing massage session. Keeping the hot massage stone on the body will take comfort to the next level.

Apart from hot stone, people also use cold massage stones for the massage experience. Both hot and cold massage stones have their own advantages.

Besides this, most people do not know how to choose the best massage stones because of lack of experience. However, to help such people, we have included the six best massage stones that you can use without hurting your body.

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  • 1

    Hot Stones - Large Essential Massage Stones Set by ActiveBliss

If you are looking for a set of stones to get a home spa experience, then go for the ActiveBliss massage stones. This product gives six stones that are much greater in size.

The ActiveBliss brand will provide you with access to four placement stones. Apart from the placement stones, you will locate two working stones to get the massage experience.

The placement stones carry dimensions of around 3.14 x 3.14 inches while the dimensions of working stones are around 3.14 x 2.36 inches. These are all lava rocks so you may notice a bit of change in dimensions as well as colors.

All these massage stones work perfectly for arms, leg, neck and other body areas. The heat retention property of these stones will make them heat up rapidly.

Further, the heat stays for a more extended period so that you can get a comfortable and relaxing experience up to the required time. Because of a substantial size, these stones fit comfortably in hand and do not have much weight.

Gliding these stones on the skin will contribute a relaxing practice. However, do not glide the stone harshly on the skin because it might hurt you.

Moreover, the stones are well-polished and help to improve the blood circulation in the body. You can use all the six stones at once to relieve stress and body pain.

Also, these massage stones are 100% natural and do not use any harmful component during manufacturing, which is another reason to prefer this ActiveBliss product.


Smooth & satisfying result

Heat retention

100% natural


You cannot get a single stone.

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    40 Piece Massage Stones Set By TIR Massage Stone

In case you want to have a higher number of massage stones then go for the TIR Massage Stones. This product appears with a vast range of 40 pieces. Apart from 40 pieces, you can also get the pack with 59 pieces if needed.

But even 40 pieces can do the required massage work for you, so investing on 59 pieces might not be the right choice. However, incase are a  massage therapist who has more clients, then you can prefer the 59 pieces option.

Moreover, these hot stones are divided into four different sizes which you can keep on different body parts. All the stones are robust and use a proprietary treatment process for their production, which result in a clean, smooth and well-rounded product.

The TIR Massage Stone has the right texture, and gliding strength will make them move on your skin with ease. Without causing much roughness or greater slippery, these stones work on the body smoothly.

Among these 40 stones, you will earn eight stones of around 1.5 to 2 inches that you can use on your face. Apart from the face, it also has eight stones for the toe. Each of the stones arrives with a beautiful dark hue which seems excellent.

As these are all-natural basalt stones, so keeping them on the body surface for a longer duration will have no harm. The suitable smoothness and heat retention property of the TIR Massage Stone is another top reason to purchase this product.


Greater number of stones

Super quality massage



Price is high

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    Zabrina 4 Pcs Large Massage Stone By E-Zabrina

Zabrina stone arrives with a suitable weight and dimensions. It provides four pieces that you can use after a tiring day to enjoy a better relief. It is an excellent option for overstress individuals.

The Zabrina product guarantees to remove pain from the back and neck area within a short time. Apart from the back and neck, you can use the Zabrina massage stones on the stomach area as well.

Most of the stones presented by Zabrina are 2.75 by 3.54 inches in size. Some stones start causing pain on the body surface after a while because of the uneven surface.

But with the Zabrina massage product, you will not face such a problem. The smooth surface of this product let you keep it for the desired time with no issue. It is volcanic rocks, which is 100% natural and safe to use.

In addition, if you have body tension, mental stress or poor blood circulation, you can take support from the Zabrina product to eliminate these problems.

It uses a heat transfer theory to relax the body tissue. The hot stone will shift all the heat to the body to give you relaxing results. Further, the black shade of the stones makes the heat remain for longer.

However, to heat the stone, you might need a crockpot, digital heater or some other heating equipment. The price of Zabrina stones is much less in contrast to other stones, but its quantity is also less. Overalls, Zabrina is a great product to try for individuals.


Premium stone quality

Smooth surface

Easy to use


Fewer pieces

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    Therapist’s Choice Portable Hot Stone Warmer

The Therapist’s Choice presents well-rounded and elegant look stones. It shows 12 stones with two distinctive sizing. You will find six stones with greater size while the other six stones are a bit smaller in format.

One six sets of rock arrive with a 2.75 x 0.71 inches of dimensions while the other set has 1.8 x 0.71 inches of size. The weight of each Therapist’s Choice stone is around 4.4 pounds.

Because of the lightweight property, the rocks are portable and easy to carry. Without the use of water, the Therapist’s Choice stones get quickly heated.

Thanks to the dual heating elements that will take the heat to around 122° F within ten minutes or even less. However, the outer case of the stone remains cool for a more extended period so that you do not feel any irritation on the skin.

It will contribute a spa massage that will relax the whole body. The only issue that you may face in the Therapist’s Choice product is with the price. Its cost is higher as compared to other hot stones.


Lightweight & portable

Dual heating property

Easy to clean


Higher cost

  • 5

    Bestnewie Massage Hot Stones

Similar to the previously mentioned stones, the Bestnewie Massage product also comes with 12 pieces but at a much lower cost.

The Bestnewie brand also presents a single mushroom-shaped Guasha tool that you can use during the massage session. The storage velvet bag will let you move with the product much comfortably.

These are basalt stones that result in a relaxation massage. The full kit arrives in four different sizes. You will get two pieces with 3.14 x 3.14 inches of size while the four pieces have 2.6 x 1.8 inches of dimension.

Apart from this, one of the stones present in this product is of 2.2x 2.2 inches while the remaining five have  1.6 x 1.2 inches of dimensions.

With comfort, you can use the Bestnewie Massage product on your arms, face, feet, back and other body areas. However, make sure that you are selecting the right area for the right body location.

Whether you want a spa massage or a therapy, the Bestnewie product will work for both. The Bestnewie Massage product is much easier to use and clean. With the help of water, you can easily clean the stones.


Different sizes from diverse body parts

Effective massage outcome

Natural black basalt


Some people might not like the size

  • 6

    TIR Massage Stone - Set of 8

The last product in the best massage stones list is the TIR Massage Stone. The TIR Massage brand is well known when it comes to the massage stones.

Most people prefer buying its product because of greater performance. You will get eight pieces with this product with the medium size. The dimension of all the stones is almost the same.

However, if you want a stone with a larger size, then this TIR Massage also presents the option for that. All the pieces lie between 2.5 to 3 inches of range.

Each of the stones is lower in weight and can be utilized for professional and home use. It will give extreme comfort and relaxation to your body.

Overall TIR Massage offers a quality product to try, but the only issue that you may have with the product is with the size. There is not much variety in the sizing of the stones.

The smoothness of all the stones is perfect and delivers a relaxation massage. The dark black hue suits this product, and it does not affect the massage performance.


Lightweight & Easy to carry

Right smoothness



Size is almost the same

Frequently Asked Questions

To know common questions about the best massage stones, you should go through this FAQ section.

What kind of stones are used for massage?

There are various types of stones that you can use for massage. Some of the stones that you can prefer are marine stones, limestone or sandstone depending on your choice.

However, each type of stone may have different benefits because of distinctive minerals present in it. But most therapists usually prefer basalt stone because therapists believe that such stone gives a better massage therapy.

How to heat massage stones?

There are several methods to heat a massage stone, but the most recommended approach is by using hot water.

Keeping the stone in water with 110–130 F temperature will help the stone to attain the required warmth. Not only this, but you can also use a digital heater or crockpot to heat the stone but try to use the water in the process.

Heating the stone alone may cause it to get extremely heated, which might not be suitable for your skin. If the stone gets extremely hot, then do not apply it until its temperature gets balanced.

How do you use massage stones?

Using a massage stone is much easier as compared to other massage equipment. Heat the stone to the required temperature and then place the stone in the towel.

Keep the stone in a towel for a short time so that it can get a bit cooler. Before utilizing the stone on your body, make sure that its temperature is not too high or lower.

The moderate temperature will give you a better result. After that, you can use the stone on your body. Also, you can apply oil on the body for a few minutes before using the stone. Applying oil on the skin will reduce muscle tightness.

What is Himalayan salt stone massage?

The Himalayan salt stone massage is a type of stone that uses salt in it. The salt present in it makes the body to get many health benefits.

The advantages and working of the Himalayan salt stones are much similar to the other massage stones, but you may notice the salt in Himalayan stone, which is not present in most other massage stones.


TIR Massage Stone - Set of 8, Bestnewie Massage Hot Stones and Large Essential Massage Stones Set by ActiveBliss are the two best massage stones that you can choose. However, if you own a massage centre or if you want more number of pieces, the 40 Piece Massage Stones Set By TIR Massage Stone product will be more suitable for you. Before buying any of the listed products, check the dimensions, shape, and quantity of stones so that you can get what suits your needs.