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Best Shampoo for Dry Scalp

Best Budget
Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

Top Pick
Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Best Value
Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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Dry scalp is one of the worst things that your hair can experience. It can ever give rise to dandruff and many other hair concerns.

You may also start feeling the itching, irritation and flaking because of the dry scalp. So dealing with the dry scalp should be your top priority. However, for that, you should get the best shampoo for dry scalp.

Shampoo for dry scalp adds oil to the scalp and makes it ready to deal with hair problems. Following are the nine best shampoos for dry scalp that you should try to get the best outcome.

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  • 1

    Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo

If you have dandruff and a very itchy scalp, then Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo will help you in this problem. This shampoo is beneficial to deal with several scalp problems like dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and rosacea.

The Neutrogena Shampoo will start giving you the results in just one wash. Once you use this Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo, then it will become a regular part of your hair care routine because of its quality results.

This shampoo for dry scalp contains coal tar extract, which makes the hair strengthful. This product will give you a long-lasting effect and relief from itching scalp and flaking. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo will not affect the colour or highlights of your hair.

This shampoo will remove even small dandruff and make your hair clean and healthy. The Neutrogena Shampoo is full of hair-friendly ingredients, which make it a must-have hair care product.


Removes flaking and dandruff

Soothing effect

Healthy scalp


Unpleasant smell

  • 2

    Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

Dandruff on the scalp may seem like snow which makes the hair look ugly, but for that, we have the Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for you. The Pure Tea Shampoo contains all the natural ingredients to prevent those white particles from the hair.

This product is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial that does not let any issue arise in your hair. This shampoo is for all men, women and for teens as well who are suffering from the problem of dandruff.

It also helps to resolve the main issue of lice from the hair. Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo starts the regrowth of hair after a single-use.

Further, it increases the blood circulation that helps to grow the hair faster. This product is sulphate free that hydrates and cleanses the skin deeply by removing dead skin cells and cleans the hair follicle.

This shampoo will strengthen the hair, give them volume, keep moisture in the scalp and prevent the thinning of hair.


Promotes hair growth


Prevent lice



  • 3

    Aveeno Scalp Soothing Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

In the Aveeno Scalp Shampoo, the natural ingredient Oat is blended with apple cider vinegar that gives a shine to the hair and makes them super soft and beautiful.

This product is a farm-fresh shampoo that offers a soothing effect and solves all issues related to the hair. Aveeno Scalp Shampoo treats the dull hair deeply and gives extra volume to them.

This product is free from sulfate, paraben and other chemical dyes, due to which it’s safe for all types of hair. This shampoo will nourish your hair from the root to tips.

If you have gone through hair loss concern because of hormonal changes, then you must try this shampoo because it will promote the growth of hair and makes you feel more confident.


Add volume to hair


Nourish hair


Overpower perfume

  • 4

    L'Oreal Paris EverFresh Sulfate-Free Shampoo

L’Oreal introduces an EverFresh Antidandruff Shampoo that contains Pyrithione zinc in it. This ingredient creates a proper balance in the scalp and prevents itching and irritation.

To control hair from damaging and dullness, L’Oreal Paris presents all-natural and effective ingredients. The L’Oreal Paris Shampoo is free from sulfate, salts and surfactant.

As it does not have any sulfate in it, so you will not face any allergic issue on using it. It will provide you with a fresh sensation on each application. It has a very sweet smell, which is not too strong.

The fragrance is similar to mint. Utilizing it for only a single time will give you immediate relief. This product will easily remove dandruff, itchy scalp and stop flaking. It results in a more soft, shiny and glamorous look.


Immediate relief


Sweet smell



  • 5

    Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

If you are struggling with dandruff or itchy concerns, then you do not need to worry at all because the Nizoral A-D Anti Dandruff Shampoo is here to help you. The ketoconazole is the leading and active ingredient in this product that works to remove dandruff.

When the scalp cell regenerates at higher speed, and the scalp cannot handle it, then the problem of dandruff occurs, which may also cause itchy and flaky scalp.

This product helps maintain the regeneration of the scalp cell. This shampoo for dry scalp also presents to reduce the production of excess oil and remove the oily smell from hair.

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo maintains the natural hair protein and gives them a shine. This shampoo kills the fungus that is also the cause of dandruff. It will give you relief from other severe hair problems in a short time.


Maintain hair proteinl

Reduce excess oil

Kills fungus


May dries hair.

  • 6

    BIOLAGE Scalpsync Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Biolage Scalpsync Shampoo is for all types of hair that directly target dandruff to remove it from the scalp. Pyrithione zinc is the active ingredient in this product that controls the flakes and gives you a soothing effect from scalp irritation and itching.

This active ingredient fuses with the leaves of mint to remove bacteria that can be the reason behind hair loss concern. This shampoo for dry scalp has calming properties that will give you a cooling effect.

It removes excess oil and gives a refreshing sensation. Biolage Scalpsync Shampoo also does an excellent job for colour treated hairs. It will not fade the colour even a little bit.

This product will also make you eradicate the trapped oil in the scalp. The delightful smell of the BIOLAGE Scalpsync Shampoo is another major cause to prefer it.


Refreshing sensation

Good for hair colour

Soft hair


Thick consistency

  • 7

    Head and Shoulders Shampoo

When it comes to shampoo, one of the top names that you might have heard about is Head and Shoulders brand. The Head and Shoulders Shampoo is clinically tested to eliminate the Malassezia fungus from the hair.

This product treats each layer of the hair to give the optimal hair care outcome. Its main ingredient is ZPT, which has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property.

Furthermore, it maintains the PH of strands to give you clean and manageable hair. The ZPT may sometimes cause dryness, so to deal with it, the product is infused with the almond oil to nourish the hair from root to tips.

The Head and Shoulders Shampoo also contains selenium sulfide that gives relief and soothing output to hair. It is a complete thickening treatment that not only provides strength to the hair but also volumizes them. This shampoo for dry scalp effectively controls dandruff and removes excess oil.


Nourish the hair

Affordable price

Balance the PH


Sometimes dry the strands

  • 8

    Nexon Botanics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

If you want a natural and botanical treatment for hair, then try the Nexon Botanics Shampoo as it introduces all-natural ingredients. This product is sulfate and paraben-free that contain all the required oils essential for hair growth.

This unique formula includes several vitamins including vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E that give nourishment to the hair. Tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary extract easily control dandruff and give clean strands.

Moreover, it maintains hygiene for better hair health. These essential oils also help to remove lice and work on all hair types. Nexon Botanics Shampoo is best for both men and women. It protects the hair from damage and increases the growth of hair.

This shampoo for dry scalp gives strength to hair from roots and provides a definite volume. The shampoo has a pleasant and refreshing smell.


Refreshing smell


Control lice


Tingling effect

  • 9

    Dove DermaCare Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dove has introduced this shampoo for dry scalp that presents optimal results. This shampoo is designed to provide nourishment to the hair and control the symptoms that cause dandruff.

It contains Pyrithione zinc, which makes it an anti-dandruff solution. This product will help to prevent and control the reoccurrence of dandruff, flaking and itching.

It also includes coconut oil that has a large number of benefits for the hair. It keeps your hair hydrated, full of moisture and makes them soft. The product gives you relief from multiple hair problems.

The ingredients present in it give birth to a sweet and makes the hair refreshed after every wash. Dove DermaCare Shampoo solves the damaged hairs and split ends concern.


Refreshing look

Full of moisture

Coconut smell


Not for all hair type

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common queries about the best shampoo for dry scalp.

Which shampoo is best for dry scalp?

Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is best for dry scalp. It has a fluid volume of 7 oz with the ketoconazole ingredients in it which present many hair gains.

Stronger, hydrated and smooth hair will be the final result of using the Nizoral Shampoo. The Anti-dandruff property of this shampoo fights the root cause of dandruff and makes it disappear from the hair.

Apart from dandruff, the Nizoral Shampoo is a great answer to the itchy and flaky scalps. It is also very effective against the fungus and stops bacteria that may harm the hair health.

How often should I wash my hair if I have dry scalp?

If you have dry scalp, then you might need to wash your hair more frequently. You can wash your hair three to four times a week.

However, daily washing may increase the hair dryness, which is not good when you have dry scalp. You can also apply a conditioner to deal with the dry scalp.

The mix up of shampoo and conditioner may even give top-quality results. However, make sure that both the conditioner and shampoo that you are using are suitable for dry scalp.

How do you hydrate your scalp?

You can use shampoo and conditioner to hydrate your scalp. Most of the shampoos for dry scalp contain coconut oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera that add hydrate to the hair.

Furthermore, you may also see the apple cider vinegar and witch hazel in a few other shampoos that also help in the dryness matter. However, all these ingredients moisturize the hair and encourage you to fight the hair dryness.

Before buying any of the conditioner or shampoo for dry scalp, make sure that it has a few above-mentioned ingredients if you want a hydration effect.

Is coconut oil good for dry scalp?

Yes, coconut oil is good for dry scalp. Not only the dry scalp, but it has many other skin benefits. It improves skin health and makes the hair softer.

With the help of coconut oil, you can moisturize the scalp within a moment. The best thing about coconut oil is that it has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristic.

These properties fight against the infections and let your skin enjoy better health. So using the coconut oil will surely be a great idea.


When it comes to the best shampoo for dry scalp, the Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is the prime demand of most of the people. It makes a lot easier to overcome the itchy and flaky scalps. However, if you want some affordable dry scalp shampoo that presents the same quality results as in Nizoral Shampoo, then you can prefer the Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo or the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. Both these shampoos are also a good performer for dry scalp.