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Best Laser Hair Removal

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Hair Removal for Women and Man by Feeke

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Hair Removal for Women by Artolf

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Hair Removal for Women by Imene

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If you are tired of the redness, irritation and ingrown hair effect on your skin even after waxing, shaving or tweezing, then you should move to a new hair removing method, which is using a laser.

The laser hair removal aims to give a long-lasting, accurate and less painful outcome in contrast to all the other hair removing solutions.

But there are quite a large number of laser hair removal products available in the market so the chances are that you might find it hard to locate the best one.

So to make things easier for you, we have reviewed the five best laser hair removal that you can choose to remove all the unwanted hair from your body.

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    1. IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men by Lubex Laser Hair Removal

Whether you are a woman or a man, if you want to get rid of all the unwanted body hair, then you should prefer the IPL Hair Removal by Lubex.

In contrast to other laser hair removals, this product by Lubex works for both men and for women, which is one prime reason that we have added in it the list of the best laser hair removal products.

It appears in two exclusive colours, including white and pink, so that you can prefer any of the hues according to your desire. Whether you want to remove your hair manual or automatically this product will award you with both the modes.

It includes a manual/automatic option that will help you to shift from auto to manual mode with a single touch. However, to change the mode, for up to three seconds, you will have to press and hold the start button.

At the LED display screen, you will notice “Auto” which represents the auto mode. However, to move back to the manual mode, you will need to repeat the same process.

You can choose the manual mode for areas like underarms, fingers, bikini area etc. while the automatic mode is suitable for arms, legs and back area. The IPL Hair Removal by Lubex appears with five different energy levels.

This laser hair removal contains a 4.5cm light window that will provide you with rapid and easy results. Within five to eight minutes, this product will accommodate you in eliminating all the hair from your lower leg.

As it is a non-battery operated, so you don’t need to have any battery to get the desired outcome. Further, this IPL Laser Hair Removal comes with a large LCD that will give you a better idea of all the selected options.

However, you will notice clear and visual results after eight to 12 weeks of use. Also, if you want to get a permanent result, then you should use it once after even three to five days, but you should also keep your skin condition in mind. This home device works for bright as well as darker skin tones.


For both men and women

Fast & noticeable results

Painless experience

Various energy level

Adjustable modes


Might not work for some people skin

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    IPL Permanent Painless Laser Hair Removal Device By Panadoo

In case you desire to get a permanent hair removal outcome, then the IPL Permanent Painless Device by Panadoo should be your top preference.

On applying it on your skin, it will make the hair follicles to sleep, which will stop the hair growth process. IPL Permanent Painless Device by Panadoo can produce around 999,999 light pulses, which give an everlasting hair removal result.

In case you desire to get a permanent hair removal outcome, then the IPL Permanent Painless Device by Panadoo should be your top preference.

On applying it on your skin, it will make the hair follicles to sleep, which will stop the hair growth process. IPL Permanent Painless Device by Panadoo can produce around 999,999 light pulses, which give an everlasting hair removal result.

The greater number of pulses is quite suitable to stop the hair from regrowing. Like the previously mentioned laser hair removal, the Panadoo IPL Permanent device also takes support from five energy stages.

You should only choose the energy level that is suitable for your skin because each level discharges a particular amount of energy to help you eradicate the hair from your body.

However, higher energy levels usually give much faster and effective results in contrast to the lower energy level. It has a dual-mode setting which makes the task further easier.

The large display will show you all the settings of the laser device. It also has a power button which will turn the laser on and off with a single press.

However, after using the hair removal products, most females complain about the pain and irritation on the skin, but with the Panadoo IPL Permanent device, you will not have to deal with any such problem.

It will give you a smooth and painless skin. This home laser hair removal device operates greatly on smaller areas as well as larger areas. Also, laser hair removal has a vast range of compatibility.

It works great on many skin and hair colours types. The pulsing and gliding techniques will support you to remove hair from sensitive areas. It provides a free app, which will work as a reminder for you.

Using the app, you can schedule your treatments. Apart from this, it is recommended that you should wear glasses while going through the hair removal process using the laser device.

However, the Panadoo IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal device is only for women, so men should not use it. Also, its FDA approved.


The painless hair removal process

No refill cartridges necessary

Customized treatment levels

Permanent outcome



Not for men

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    Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men by Imene

If you are tired of the messy hair on your arms, legs, upper lips and other body parts and wish to eliminate the hair permanently, then you can prefer the Laser Hair Removal by Imene.

Unlike the previously mentioned hair removals, the Imene device comes with many additional features. It includes an intense pulsed light technology that gives tested and proven hair removal results for a longer period.

The Imene Laser product provides an effective and gentle outcome with no side effect. It takes support from an ice compress function that balances the temperature of your skin surface.

You will not feel excessive heat because of the ice compress functionality. Furthermore, it prevents the skin from redness and swelling, which is another reason to invest in this device.

Before operating it on your skin, switch the ice mode on, to enjoy a cooling experience. It renders 500,000 flashes, which are enough to give an everlasting hair elimination outcome.

Also, the non-removable flash head offers a firm contact of the device with the skin. Not only this, but it also prevents light leakage, which makes your skin safe from damaging effects. The multiple modes will treat the different portions of your body smoothly.

With Laser Hair Removal by Imene, you will additionally enjoy a 90-days return service so if you have any problem during the operation of the laser removal device you can return it within the 90 days.


Unique ice compress function

Smooth & gentle technique

Long-lasting results

Easy to operate

IPL technology


High price

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    Hair Removal laser for Women and Man by Feeke

Feeke Hair Removal provides an affordable approach to help you in removing hair from arms, armpit, facial hair and legs. It appears in a market with two distinctive shades, including pink and silver.

This product grants a great technique to demolish the hair growth cycle, which will make you get permanent hair removal.

The Feeke Laser Hair Removal aims to give a smooth and gentle touch to the sensitive areas, so you don’t feel any pain while using it on your skin. The 999,999 flashes produced by this machine targets the root cause of hair growth.

It introduces two flash modes, including automatic and manual mode. You will get a brighter skin tone after using this laser. The manual option is usually suitable for removing hair from sensitive areas of the body while for areas like arms, bikini line and legs, you can use the automatic option.

It also implements a light-based IPL technology to aid you in attaining a professional outcome. The clinically proven technology used in this device will have no harm to your skin.

It grants a painless, and permanent solution to the undesired hair. The Feeke Hair Removal also has a power button which will accommodate you in using the device with a single touch.

It supplies a uniform hair treatment, and your skin will become flourish and shiny after using it. With five unique energy stages, the Feeke Hair Removal device supports the user in achieving the wanted result. It’s a great hair removal system that uses a skincare technique to target small areas.


Smooth & gentle experience

Customizable energy levels

Greater light flash

Adjustable mode

Less weight


Not recommended for some skin types

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about the best laser hair removal, you should go through this section.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is another way to remove undesired hair from different parts of the body. In contrast to shaving, waxing and other hair removal devices, this product uses a unique approach to help you eradicate the hair.

The hair follicle is the prime focus of this laser product. It destroys the hair follicle, which does not authorize the body hair to grow back.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The pricing of laser hair removal varies from brand to brand. Its cost might range from a few dollars to several hundred bucks depending on the number of features it has.

Mostly devices with less number of functionalities usually cost lower in contrast to the devices with higher functions. However, the cost might also depend on the performance of the laser device.

How long does laser hair removal last?

Most laser hair removal guarantees to give you a long-lasting result. However, in most cases, you will start noticing a growth in your hair after six to 12 months, which is quite a substantial period. Also, some devices’ results can even last more than this duration.


Based on the performance and feature the best laser hair removal that we would suggest you is the Hair Removal for Women and Man by Feeke. However, if you are looking for an affordable hair removal solution, then you must choose the Hair Removal for Women by Artolf because of its better performance at low cost. Besides this, the Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men by Imene is also a suitable preference, but its cost is a bit higher. These IPL devices, with the help of laser technology give top quality hair removal results.