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Best Epilator For Face

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Homech Facial Hair Remover for Women

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Facial Hair Remover for Women

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Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator

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Are you tired of the unwanted hair and looking for an easy method to deal with it? If yes, then you must own an epilator. Epilator is a great way to deal with the undesired hair from your body.

However, when it comes to facial hair, things become a bit complicated. Most brands do not create an epilator for a specific area, so locating an epilator for face is quite tricky.

Most people who are willing to get rid of their facial hair are unable to get the hair removal product for their face due to which they don’t see the desired result.

But you don’t worry because in this best epilator for face article we will make the task easier for you by reviewing the five best epilators for face present in the market.

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    Homech Facial Hair Remover for Women

Homech Facial Hair Remove is especially for those women who hate dealing with the pain. It comes with a sleek shape and a lightweight characteristic, which makes it easier to lift and use.

The pink shade of this product makes it an excellent device for females. This facial hair trimmer comes with a dual circle blade that will help you to deal with the facial hair.

The multiple blades will enable you to perform the shaving task quickly. Because of its horizontal cutting head, you can glide this device over your face without any pain or injury.

Not only facial hair, but you can also overcome small hair from some other body parts via this device. This product offers an easy approach to eliminate the upper lip moustaches and chin hair within a few seconds.

Unlike most other hair removal products, Homech devices do not use the pull technology to remove the hair. Pulling the hair from your face might even cause excessive pain, and this device knows about it due to which it employs a special technology to fulfil the job.

Thanks to the circle cutting head of this device that will render you extra comfort and smooth effect while shedding hair. Without giving any pain, this dry epilator for face will let its user overcome the peach fuzz from the different facial area quickly and effectively.

However, most of the time, you might miss hair from your face because of the smaller size, but with the Homech Facial Hair Remover, this mistake will not happen as it has a built-in light.

The built-in light will let you see even the tiny hair so that you can clean it without missing anything. The best thing about the Homech Hair Trimmer device is that it’s waterproof because of that you can clean it using water.

Also, if you are getting a bath or a shower, you can use this epilator with no worry about malfunctioning. The wet & dry technology will help you enjoy the same experience both in water and in a dry place.

However, applying water might even vanish the little pain that you may face because of the epilator. If you take about the battery life, then the Homech Facial Hair Remover is a great epilator to own.

This device appears with a 500mAh of battery. The battery is rechargeable and has a long-running time. You can use the device for up to two weeks after fully charging the battery, which is impressive.

You might not notice that much huge battery lift in any other epilator. The greater battery will accommodate you in using the device while travelling.

Also, it offers a USB interface support through which you can use a power bank, wall charger etc. to charge the device in a short time.

Within a single minute, the Homech epilator for hair can cause 7800 revolutions, which is much higher than the average epilator speed. However, with a single touch, you can operate the epilator to get smooth skin.


Removes hair speedily & easily

Waterproof stainless steel

Wet & dry technology

Don't cause a mess

Long battery life


Only suitable for peach fuzz

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    Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator EP1050CDN

For females who don’t want to go through the mess caused by wires, Remington Epilator will be a great pick. As this epilator uses a battery for its operating and doesn’t have any cable, so it’s comfortable to use.

Frequent travelers can also carry this epilator with them on tour because of the sleek shape. It gives six different tweezers. All the tweezers are automatic so you will not have to put manual work in this epilator to provide you with a better output.

Using the rotating technology the tweezers will gently remove the unpopular hair from the face gently. It only includes a single button, which is present at its front one.

With a single press of the button, you can start the epilator operation. Due to remaining uncovered for a longer time, epilator usually catches dust and other impurities that might become dangerous for your dry skin.

But to deal with such pollutants, the Remington Facial Epilator arrives with a protective cap. Once you are done with the hair removing process, you can add the protective cap over the device to keep it safe from impurities.

Also, this cap will work as a guard to help you prevent the machine from any damage. The product additionally gives a brush to bring out body hair from tweezers.

Thanks to the single AA battery that lasts longer without requiring recharging. Because the AA battery is not chargeable so you will not have to go through the charging hassle, but on finishing the battery life, this device will demand a purchase of a new battery to keep on working.

Also, it has a better rotation time per second that quickly removes the hair without making you feel any pain. Besides this, Remington EP1050CDN Epilator will give you an even hair eliminating experience, which will make your face look better.

In constant to many other epilators, it doesn’t stop while encountering long hair. It will keep on working for all types of hair, but it is recommended that you should only use it for the peach fuzz if you truly want better outcomes.

Operating it in a shower will cause no issue due to its 100% waterproof feature. Because of the less number of tweezers, you should not use it for areas with excessive and large hair.

The head is also removable that will give quick and effective cleaning. It uses a gentle approach for the face skin, which makes the process less discomfort.

Because of the ergonomic design, it offers a better grip and handling so that you can extract the hair easily. However, the body of the Remington EP1050CDN Epilator is not that much stronger, so make sure that it does not fall.

Falling this epilator from even a smaller height may cause malfunctioning. However, after applying the Remington EP1050CDN Epilator on the desired area, you will not notice any hair even after a substantial time.


Cordless experience

Automatic tweezers

Compact design

Cleaning brush

Protective cap


The battery is not rechargeable

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    Braun Epilator for Women Shaver

Braun Epilator is a great device that will let you enjoy hair removing as well as massage activity at a single place. On buying this device, you will get two exfoliation brushes that will help in dealing with the rough and dead skin to make you attain a glowing appearance.

The massaging brush present in this shaver gives a relaxing massage to boost your skin quality. This massage brush will make the skin soft and ready for the hair removing process.

In terms of seem, the Braun epilator gives a traditional look and has a lower weight property. In contrast to waxing or any other hair removal methods, the Braun Epilator can provide four times shorter results because of the MicroGrip tweezer technology.

The technology will contribute short and even hair on your face. Whether you want to get a wet or dry experience, this device supports both because of the waterproof option.

You can use it in water without causing any damage to the device. Using it in the bath will minimize the discomfort factor from the hair removal process.

For cleaning the device, it gives you the option to either choose a dry cloth or water. Although it comes with dual AA batteries still its running time is quite less as compared to other popular epilators.

However, to complete the charging process, you will have to wait for around two hours. The multiple batteries permit you to use the device for up to 50 minutes.

Thanks to the SensoSmart technology present in this device that will exert the accurate pressure on your skin to remove unwanted hair. The pressure is gentle and has no harm to the skin.

Apart from this, you will earn a cleanse with the epilator set which you can use for cleansing and exfoliating purposes. Not only this, but the Braun epilator for the face do not allow the ingrown hairs.

The tweezer makes sure not to leave even a single hair on the face. It additionally allows removing hair from underarm as well as bikini line but as these are sensitive areas so you should be careful while handling the device.

The wider head of this Braun Epilator gives a more precise result by covering more area. This device guarantees that for up to four weeks, you will not notice the hair growth again.

It does not harm the face, but if you have an allergy or some other issue, then you should clarify it before using. You can perform shaving and trimming activity on various other parts of the body with the Braun Epilator.

It is a battery-operated device, which eliminates the use of the wire. It’s easy to handle and operate. You only have to place it on your skin surface from where you want the hair to remove, and after that, the machine will do its work for you.

However, the Braun Epilator does not work great on long hair so you should only prefer to cut the short facial hair with it. This epilate uses the epilating process to work for you.


Multiple exfoliation brushes

Allow removing dead skin

SensoSmart technology

Salon-smooth results




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    Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

If you are desire an epilator that can work perfectly on your face, as well as legs and underarms, then you must prefer the Philips Satinelle epilator. This device comes in blue and white/pink shade.

It takes support from around 32 tweezing disks for the hair eliminating method. The Micro-ridged tweezing disks deliver a firmer grip to the hair to give a compelling performance.

The increase in the width of the epilation head makes sure to cover more skin in a single move. This greater width will deliver rapid hair removal performance.

You will access two precision caps with the Philips Satinelle that you can use while cutting hair from sensitive skin areas. Each cap has a different sizing and is suitable for distinct areas.

This lid will pull out less hair at a time to prevent damaging to the sensitive area. It works perfectly on the bikini area, underarms, legs and face. Moreover, the Philips Satinelle epilator appears with a dual-speed setting.

One setting provides a slower mode while the others deliver swift speed. However, if you are using the epilator on your arms or legs, then you can select the fast seed, but for the hard to reach and sensitive areas of the body, the slower setting is preferable.

Also, you don’t need any cable for the working of this device because it comes with a rechargeable ability. Coming to the battery, this Philips Satinelle has a lithium-ion battery that gives a superior battery performance, unlike most other epilators.

A singly fully charged Philips Satinelle device will give 40 minutes of haircutting session. The battery indicator integrated into this cordless epilator tells whether the device is fully charged or not.

After charging up the device fully, it will start displaying a bright light revealing that it’s time to unplug the machine. To make it fully charged, you would have to wait for around 1.5 hours, which you might not like about this device.

Besides this, it can deal with 3 to 4mm hair. With the help of exfoliator method, this face epilator does not permit the ingrown hair to appear again for a longer period.

In addition, the Philips Satinelle grants both wet and dry use. To get a more convenient and easy experience, you can use it in the bath. The smart light feature will not let you miss any unwanted hair.

It gives a bright vision of hair so that the user can know if there is something left on the skin. Furthermore, it arrives with a storage pouch that allows storing the epilator easily. It captures the hair from the root so that they stay away from your body for a prolonged time.

The Philips Satinelle includes a one-touch button to turn on and off the epilator. If we look at the Philips Satinelle grip, then it might be a bit loose when wet but using it at the dry place will yield a solid hold.


Lightweight & affordable

Ceramic tweezing disks

Include precision caps

Provide carry pouch

Extra-wide head


Battery timing is less

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    Facial Hair Remover for Women by Leuxe

If you are searching for an affordable epilator which gives a suitable performance, then try out the Facial Hair Remover for Women by Leuxe. The pricing of Leuxe hair removal is much less due to which more people are interested in buying this product.

Even after providing a low priced product, Leuxe has still maintained some high-end features in the machine. It gives a quick and effective hair removal outcome with the painless experience.

The Leuxe uses dual blades in this product to target the small hair on the face. It will serve you to separate hair from cheeks, chin as well as jawline.

The blades use stainless steel material from a long-lasting and outstanding performance. Most females complain about the redness and skin irritation after cutting hair using an epilator.

But as this product comes with blades carrying a hypoallergenic property so you will not have to go through a skin irritation or redness after applying the Leuxe Facial Hair Remover on your skin.

It targets the root of every single hair so that it does not grow again after a moment. The Leuxe epilator for face makes the skin surface perfect for makeup.

Appreciation to the IPX6 graded waterproof design that makes the device fully washable without causing any breakdown. You can keep the Leuxe device under running water for better cleaning.

Furthermore, the Leuxe epilator will eliminate the need for tweezers and waxes. It ensures that you don’t need to use any hair removal cream once applied the epilator on the face.

Apart from facing, you can also take assistance from this epilator to cut hair for the neck area. But if you are planning to use it on other parts like arms, legs etc. then this product might not work for you perfectly.

It is only manufactured to deal with areas like face and neck. Each touch of the Leuxe epilator on the face contributes soft and gentle skin. Further, this epilator for face includes a protecting net that will keep you secure from even a minor irritation.

The added net will not let the removed hair to pass through the machine. During the cleaning process, you can remove the epilator head so that you can reach every single corner of the device.

After giving a gentle twist to the head, you can comfortably remove the lid. Even the cost of this Leuxe Facial Hair Remover is low still it includes some additional features like built-in led light.

Most of the expensive epilator for face does not own this feature, which is another reason behind the popularity of Leuxe device amongst people.

The built-in LED light throws light to the small hair on the skin so that you can know if you have avoided any undesired hair. However, you can turn off this LED option if you don’t want it.


IPX6 graded waterproof technology

Produce flawless skin

Strong dual blades

Include warranty

Built-in LED light


Only for face & neck

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about the best epilator for face, you should go through this FAQ section.

What is the best epilator for the face?

Facial Hair Remover for Women by Leuxe is the best epilator for face. It’s much affordable hair remover but has features similar to expensive epilators.

How do I prepare my face for epilation?

Before using an epilator on your face, you need to keep a few things in mind. Make sure not to use any lotion or oil on your face before the hair removal process, because it might cause the epilator to slip from your face, which will not let the desired result to appear.

Also, operating the epilator on the face while keeping the oil and lotion on the face may even cause a negative impact.

Besides this, if you are using an epilator that does not hold a waterproof feature, then you should first clean all the water from your face until it gets dry. You can also use pain medication before starting the epilation process.

How long do epilator results last?

Most of the epilator gives results that may last for up to four weeks. Some of the epilators even guarantee to have a greater lasting period than four weeks while some may even have less than the mentioned period.


Based on hair removal performance and results, the three best epilators for face that we would suggest you go for are the Facial Hair Remover for Women by Leuxe, Remington Smooth & Silky Facial Epilator or a Homech Facial Hair Remover for Women. However, people with a higher budget can also prefer the other two remaining epilators from the above article.