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Make-up sponges have really come into their own recently with the sheer versatility and flawless coverage which they can help you to achieve. You can use them for foundation, concealer, contouring and applying moisturiser. 

However, with the increase in use and popularity comes a rise in the common mistakes made when using make-up sponges so here are some of the five biggest ones so that you can learn to avoid them: 


  • Buying a cheap sponge


While make-up sponges are cheap and disposable products, going for the cheapest you can find is not the best policy. The cheapest sponges are often too thin and will soak up your foundation rather than spreading it on your face. You need to get a firm but soft sponge so go for the mid-price range. 


  • Using the same sponge for all your products


It’s important to keep different sponges for different products or you will end up with a very messy sponge. Different sponges are needed for applying foundation, powder, concealer, and blusher. Try buying different coloured packs so you don’t get them confused. 


  • Not cleaning your sponges


It’s important to clean your make-up sponges after every use and replace them every few months as they will be full of old make-up that’s hard to get off and is also harbouring lots of bacteria which could cause spots. 


  • Making your sponge too wet


You need to wet your sponge before use for the best effect but don’t leave it soaking wet and never use a wet sponge to apply powder or you will just get a caked on mess. Squeeze excess water out of your sponge before use. 


  • Rubbing your sponge on your face


When using a sponge, the best technique is to tap the product on your face and tap it again to blend, don’t wipe the sponge over your skin like you would with your old foundation brush. Patting it on will give your skin that perfect finish. 

How to use make-up sponges

So now we have highlighted all of the ways not to use your make-up sponges, let’s take a look at the correct techniques which will help to get the most out of you foundation and leave your skin looking flawless: 


  • Wet your sponge first


A key tip is that make-up sponges often work better wet. If you soak them first, so they absorb the water and swell up, then squeeze out all of the excess water so the sponge is just damp, it won’t soak up your foundation, making it easier to get a smooth application for your face. 

If you are using a sponge to apply powder, don’t wet it first. 


  • Get rid of excess water


Make sure you get rid of all the excess water before putting any product onto your make-up sponge; you don’t want watery foundation dripping all over your face. Get all of your sponges ready to apply each product in turn. 


  • Pat on your products


Now you are ready to pat on your concealer, foundation and any other products which you wish to use, with your damp sponge, for perfect coverage. Don’t wipe the product onto your face or you will not get a great finish. 


  • Use a different sponge for each product


Make sure you use a different sponge for each product as you will need different shapes for applying each texture and for the various areas on your face. You can use the thin end for the hard to reach areas like the edge of the nose. 


  • Use different size sponges


You can use different size and shape sponges for different purposes it’s not just about your foundation. Smaller sponges can be used to apply blusher and powder, and you can even use them to apply eye make-up. 


  • Clean your sponges 


It’s important to keep all of your sponges clean otherwise make-up and dirt can build up on them which you are then transferring to your skin each time you use them. Make sure you clean them effectively, using a cleaning product. You need to let them dry thoroughly after washing and before use.


  • Replace old sponges


Make-up sponges also have a shelf life so if they start to look damaged or dirty, throw them away and buy some more, it’s advisable to replace them every few months. They will harbour bacteria and germs so it’s important for your skin, to get new sponges regularly. 


Make-up sponges have been having a new revival recently in the beauty world and are such a versatile product that you can use them to apply every product in your make-up bag, to achieve that perfect photo-shoot ready face. With a bit of careful use and attention, your sponges will become your must-have beauty item.

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